1/2 lb a day! New Year. New Methods.

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A Six Sense Experience
(remember the heart)
Join us and see all the good we'll serve up to jumpstart the New Year 2012! Celebrate with 3 gifted presenters, which includes Certified Natural Health Practitioner Tally Hayden who will be enticing your taste buds. Savor "feel good" Kefir Water (lactose free) that will keep you smiling all the way home.

Hear from Dr. Drew Neville of AWAKEN Higher Brain Living, who'll help you unleash your positive potential for the new year. See the possibility of living in Joy, Abundance, and Clarity! Kim Hall Certified Reboundologist will have you feeling like a kid again with 3Dimensional Indoor Cardio combined with "Common $cents".

The cost of this party is free but we ask all attendees to consider bringing a canned donation for those in need.

Friday, January 6, 2012
 707 Walnut St.
S. Milwaukee, WI 53172
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New Year New Methods
Unlimited Abundance
The Taste of Health
Motivation Oil
No Such Thing Sweepstakes
One-on-one Water Kefir Sessions
Retire in 24 Months!
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Rejuvenation 21 Program
New Year. New Methods! 
What you haven't tried...

Saturday, January 7, 10am Pewaukee, WI 
Have you reached that point? You know the point where you feel you've tried everything to release those last stubborn 15 pounds, but nothing has worked. Well it's a new year filled with so much wonderful potential; why not try a new method? It's called the Rejuvenation 21 Program and as the name suggests it stimulates and renews not only your body but your soul as well. Release that pesky extra pouch and receive intuitive personal coaching from Tally Hayden. Participants typically release a half a pound or more a day and are treated like a dear friend. Feel better than you have in years and walk away with the knowledge on how to maintain your great new physique and demeanor.

Event is at Good Harvest Market.  An awesome store that supports locally grown and businesses.  Come check it out and have your own unique experience!
Unlimited Abundance
Unlimited Abundance
with Christie Marie Sheldon

Delve into 2012 with this transformative call
Christie Marie Sheldon does a profound energy clearing session! This amazing call will help you unblock your subconscious barriers of what's holding you back from ANYTHING you desire. Be introduced to a process that enhances your state of mind and consciousness, so from 2012 onwards you can improve your ability to attract wealth. Follow this link to download the call before it is gone, but before you listen answer these 3 questions (found here).

Answering the questions will help you gain the most from Christie's impactful session. Make sure when you listen you are NOT driving, but you are in a comfortable quiet setting, with no distractions. It is 90 minutes long. My heart feels lead to share this with you. The new year of 2012 is one of freedom, change, and expanding boundaries and if you are up for one or all three of these then this call is for you.

Click here to learn more.  

The Taste of Health
The Taste of Health 
Who Doesn't Love Sample Days

Saturday, January 28, 10am Germantown, WI 
Strolling down the aisles of your favorite grocery store grabbing tiny bits of new and exciting foods is one of America's favorite pastimes. Now you can enjoy it with even more gusto, since everything you will be tasting is packed with Health, Happiness and Wholeness just like Feronia Wellness Organization, your host. Mosey on down to the Hayden House of Healing health table where you can try all natural products that are BURSTING with nutrients and BOOSTS your energy without the annoying buzz. Also listen in to a presentation at noon by John Petek, a financial specialist, who'll talk to you about another improver of health: retire in 24 months while improving your health.

Young Living Motivation Essential Oil 

It gets you going!     


Motivation Essential Oil

What can a little motivation do? With motivation you can grow a business, develop and maintain a flourishing network, or just get all those daily tasks done. Young Living Motivation Essential Oil enables you to conquer fear and procrastination while stimulating feelings of action and accomplishment. Infused with extracts like Spruce and Lavender, Motivation Oil is the perfect addition to your work day. 


"I was listening to a CD about oil blends and I heard about a blend called Motivation. I ended up getting it with my auto ship points, just to see. Well, I was so surprised with the results. I put a little behind my ears and waited. I was thinking this is silly. Then, before I knew it, I started doing all the laundry and filled the dish washer and cleaned and straightened then went to the grocery store then did some work on the computer and so on...at the end of the day I had accomplished more then I thought I would in one day. Then I remembered I put that Motivation behind my ears LOL. I had forgotten. Since then when ever I use Motivation I not only get a lot done but I feel good doing it. I love Motivation!." A. Andrews (www.oil-testimonials.com


Move forward in a positive direction. Young Living's Motivation Essential Oil is available for purchase by Hayden House of Healing. Click here to learn about other Young Living Essential Oil Products.
No Such Thing Sweepstakes
Raspberry Water Kefir
One-on-One Water Kefir Session 
Schedule your 45 minute appointment  with Tally today for only $39.95! 
Water Kefir is a lactose-free fermented beverage made from sugar water, juice, or coconut water so it is dairy-free and an excellent source of probiotics. Kefir helps speed up the healing process, clear blood vessels, improves brain function and so much more!

Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Tally Hayden, offers personal instruction on how to make water kefir and how to take care of your grains. Not only do you receive in-depth guidance, but you also get an informational packet with recipes and a Water Kefir Starter Kit with fermenting jar and kefir grains!
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If you desire to retire in 24 months or less earning from $2400 to 100,000 monthly then watch these videos here at  www.jointallyhayden.com.  This is not a get rich scheme  just a revolutionary concept that has come at the perfect time to fuel your health and wealth!  See if it resonates with you.


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