Winter Solstice Meditations with Peter Ross Voigt

This years Solstice comes at 11:30pm (Central Standard Time) on December 21, 2011.
It is another in a series of major gateways, or portals, in which we are receiving a great deal of divine blessings and healing energy.
While this energy can be subtle to those who are not attuned, it is becoming more and more powerful as we draw closer to the final completion of this great cycle.
It also marks the ONE YEAR point before 12/21/2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.
The trick is to tap into this great gift and take advantage of the blessings and the bounty of this special time. Spiritual people have been doing that for thousands upon thousands of years during the Solstices & Equinox’s.

This is what we will be doing.
You are welcome to join us, in whatever way works best for you.

Two Meditations:

1) 8:30 – 10pm (CST), Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011 – Yama Yoga 3rd Ward, Milwaukee (next to downtown)
2) 11pm – 12am Midnight (CST), Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011 – HeartSpace Theinsville, Wi (20 min drive north of downtown Mil)
WE WILL BEGIN with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony to honor the Earth, the Sun, the Air, the Water, the 7 directions, our ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, saints, prophets and the one Creator.
Then we go into a deeply relaxing, resting meditation and group healing ceremony to clear the energetic blockages that we carry around in our hearts, minds & bodies.
When you have released, just a little bit, then you are ready to connect with the global matrix of healing, transformation & love that is more powerful than ever on this day.


1) 8:30 – 10pm (CST), Wed, 12/21/11 Yama Yoga 231 E Buffalo St. 2nd Floor, Milwaukee WI 53202
2) 11pm-12am Midnight (CST), Wed, 12/21/11 – HeartSpace 122 Green Bay Rd. (Thiensville Mill Prof Bldg) Theinsville, Wi (20 min drive north of downtown Mil)


Free will Donation (suggested $10-$20)

2 ways to participate:

Live and in person
Live streaming feed on internet

Gift Certificates

Treat yourself & loved ones to a world class massage that is also incredibly healing on many different levels.

Release stress, work out tight, knotty muscles while activating, clearing & balancing your Chakras, Meridians & Aura.

Start 2012 in a good way,
by strengthening your light body and your spirit.