Instead of searching for answers externally, I have a simple three step process that will show you how to find your answers right within yourself. And the best part is that those internal answers are the ones that are usually just right for you.

The cornerstone of my work as a coach is the belief that you are your own best source of answers. I also believe that those answers are already inside of you. Sounds great, right? The challenge is to know how to find those internal answers – and I’m going to tell you just that. Like all the tools I offer, this one is easy and effective.

To find your internal answers, you simply need to allow the space to see and hear them and trust what shows up. As with most things, this process becomes easier with practice.

Where do you start? Right where you are, of course.

I find that the easiest way to begin to listen for those answers is to follow the breath. So begin by simply sitting or lying down in a way that the spine is ideally straight and begin to inhale and exhale deeply and smoothly through the nose. Continue for several minutes with just following the breath, focusing on allowing the inhale and the exhale to be about the same rhythm without straining.

  1. Create a space of neutrality to listen and increase your awareness. Into the space of quiet and peace, plant the question you have and then release it. Return to the soothing rhythm of the breath and allow yourself to receive information.
  1. Explore and expand. Notice what is showing up in how you are feeling and thinking and follow the energy. If you are feeling tightness in the chest, simply go there with your mind’s eye and see what’s underneath the surface. Continue this process for as long as you want with as many areas as you want.
  1. Take inspired action from your inner guidance. As you explore the areas of your body and your mind around your question, you will be amazed at the thoughts or ideas that pop up. Trust that the answer or information you need in the moment will surface and take action from that information.

Play with this on a regular basis and see what shifts, both within you and outside of you...and share with me your successes!

©2011, Jamie Durner, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner & Wellness Educator at Ayurveda Wellness in Pewaukee, WI