Retrogrades & Eclipses

We are moving through a very potent time while we are sandwiched between eclipses. Mercury turned retrograde on Thursday November 24th, 2011 in Sagittarius. The New Moon Eclipse happened Friday November 25th, 2011 at 3 degree Sagittarius. So, if you've noticed that computer’s are not responding correctly or communication in general is simply challenging - stop...take a deep breath and understand that you must slow down! 

The New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius will assist in exposing the truth! It's interesting if you slow down enough to observe your environment and individual’s within that environment on a moment to moment basis what is being exposed. The house in which the New Moon Eclipse occurs in is the area of your life you will find new direction. Today, several days after the eclipse and mercury recalling its current journey thru December 15th, 2011 - you may have already had opportunities come your way. Perhaps, an opportunity that you only thought would be a dream becomes reality during the next six months.

The total Lunar Eclipse on December 10th, 2011 at 18 degrees Gemini - The full moon shines the light on the issues that surround this area of your astrological chart. Mercury is still retrograde during this eclipse and is also the ruler of Gemini - communication WILL be highlighted. There will be no hiding from it! How can we better our communication with others? How do we communicate within our self? Are we listening intently enough to understand the information being shared? Are we willing to open our minds and hearts to understand?

Sagittarius is about truth, higher education, spiritual experience and ritual as well as travel. Gemini is about communication, duality, and intellectual studies. What is it that we require to learn at this time? What truth are we able to share/teach.

Eclipses have the ability to eclipse things, people, and situations out of our lives in order to move us forward. When this happens it can be shocking, however learn from the situation and adjust as needed. The planet Uranus (sudden and unexpected) will be going direct during this eclipse. Any time a planet turns direction there is a period of time when the planet appears to be stationary. This is the most potent time when unexpected things occur. Please be careful while driving! Slow aware of your surroundings.

This is the last chance during 2011 that we have energies that can assist us in being pushed forward into a life we have only dreamed of. As Uranus turns direct we will get a big push forward. Where are you headed? Will you be willing to advantage of the opportunities showing themselves?

The month of December is always at some level an emotional one. This Lunar Eclipse at 18 degrees Gemini may intensify what is already happening. Now we have the assistance of the full moon to communicate our emotions in a more mature fashion if we slow down enough to realize how we are communicating. By the end of the month we will have more clarity (if you do not already) and Uranus will assist us in hooking up to the appropriate rail that is in alignment with our True calling. Once we connect to that rail we will be pushed into the New Year on the right track!

If you are interested in a Astrological Consultation on the Eclipses and/or the 2012 year please contact 262-227-7009.

Happy Holidays! Wishing you all great joy and true inner peace.

Center of Awareness