New Year's Resolutions: Think Big

When making your New Year's resolutions I invite you to THINK BIG!

think big - as in timelineI do not mean think big in terms of the process or unrealistic expectations. I'm taking big in terms of timeline. Marathon versus sprint.

I know, you want short and fast with big, eye dazzling success. The problem is that kind of mindset often leads to drastic measures, short-term fixes and resolution failure. The very pace and burst of energy that accompanies a sprint by nature cannot be sustained for a longer haul. So if you start off with too big of burst, it will pop before you reach your final destination.

Remember that you are not just wanting to achieve your resolution, you want it to stick!

Instead of the quick fix, think in terms of true habit, energy or mindset change. I know, not as wild and romantic, but so much more effective.

Small, consistent steps are easier to integrate into your life. And they build into solid new healthy habits that make a BIG difference in terms of true lasting value.

Start by thinking, what one thing could you do to support your resolution that you can see yourself doing forever (or close to it!)?

Several years ago one of my resolutions was to have a daily yoga practice to support a healthy body, mind and spirit. I have held this daily practice now for over 6 years without ever missing a day! The key to my success - my definition of daily yoga is just doing something - a series of postures, a breath exercise, a meditation, yogic cooking. I kept it small and realistic and as a result I've achieved and held it.

In the New Year, New You program I'm going to help you discover what those small steps are that will move you forward most effectively and fit with the core truth of who you are. I'm going to show you quick and easy tools and resources to create a healthy, balanced life that doesn't create more overwhelm.

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