New Year's Resolutions: Get Your Support Team

An important part of achieving and maintaining your New Year's resolutions is to have your support structure in place.

This can look and feel many different ways depending on your goals and needs.

  • You might utilize the professional services of a life or wellness coach, a trainer or a health practitioner to gain guidance, information and the right resources to get started and stay on track.
  • Having a mentor to learn the ropes and not have to re-create the wheel can be effective in your resolution is about a certain skill set.
  • Using a guided structure of weekly classes or a 1-3 month program adds another layer of support and accountability.
  • Moral support of family and friends will keep you up through the process.
  • A life coach can provide you with a neutral perspective to sort out what shows up in the process of change.
  • Accountability partners will keep you on track. This could a buddy system to walk or exercise with or someone you have a weekly check-in call to share progress reports and celebrate successes.

support structure for your resolutionsHowever, no matter what the actual structure components are, making sure you have a team at you back not only increases you success rate but it also makes the process much more fun!

If your resolutions are about optimal wellness in your body, your mind, your energy or your spirit, consider the support combined individual/support structure of the New Year, New You program.

Two sessions to serve you scheduling needs with classes starting in about a week.