New Year's Resolutions: Find Your Yes!

new year, new you programAs the holidays wrap up and you prepare to begin 2012, you may be doing your annual New Year's resolution list. Resolutions are those statements that hold the change or expansion you want to make in your life.

How you define your resolution is a critical first step.

The first thing to remember when making your resolution is to find the YES instead of the NO!

Instead of thinking about what you don't want in your life (ie. what you want to get rid of, lose, or quit), think about what you DO want in your life.

finding your yes in your New Year's resolutionsWhat do you want to say YES to having more of that will bring your greater joy, ease, abundance and/or make you feel good in 2012. What's the positive experience you want to create for yourself?

So often you know what you DO NOT want and that's what you focus on. Unfortunately, what you focus on expands so suddenly you may find your life filled with more of what you don't want!

A positive stated resolution involves creating more of what fills you up in a positive way and makes you happy so it makes the process more of a fun, adventure.

An example to contrast a NO resolution from a YES resolution could be the topic of weight. A YES resolution might be that losing the weight would give you more energy and allow you to do more of the activities you enjoy. Giving it the positive spin, the resolution would be to "have vibrant energy and a level of fitness to enjoy all my activities."

Pause and think about that picture - of what having vibrant energy feels like, what it means. What do these words create inside of you, make you feel?

The NO statement would be "I will lose weight." It focuses on the weight which is what you do not want in your life. The NO typically involves giving something up, being restricted, losing something. Pause again and think about how these words make you feel.

Notice the difference between these two examples - both from how your mind reacts as well as how they make you feel inside.

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