Mansion Meditations - Kitchen

For many years, I have been wanting to write a book about how your home reflects your spiritual evolution & enlightenment. This book as been rattling in the back of my mind for 10 years now & has yet to make it to paper, so I have decided to start sharing it in small pieces. Maybe some day I can collect all those pieces into a full-blown publishable book, but for now, at least it can move from my heart onto this screen & into the world. So, here goes....

Every space in your home reflects space in your soul. The way you decorate, the colors you choose, the way you place your furniture & the way you live reflects the spiritual lessons you are embracing in this lifetime. For example, women needing to embrace their power, will often find themselves drawn to reds & golds (great colors for feminine empowerment). People that need privacy will often arrange their furniture to block the world out. Those who leave their basements a mess, often need healing of the root chakra. Everything in your life reflect the energy of your spirit, but especially your home.

Whether you live in an apartment or condo, a big house or a little house, a tent or a cabin, a hovel or a mansion, it is all the same. You are expressing your divinity through your environment. You are the mansion and the space you inhabit reflects your growth & lessons. Your magnificent spirit has come to this world to express itself. And it does, through everything around you. 

The steps for integrating your understanding & healing are simple.

1. Awareness - Become aware of what your space means & how you are currently keeping it. 

2. Acceptance - As you take notice of what is around you & what it symbolizes, you may realize that is not congruent with what you WANT to reflect. There is no judgement in this step. Just accept your current state with an open heart.

3. Cleansing & Healing - Spirit speaks in ritual. Cleansing your home with the intent to connect to the sacred source of spirit, aligns you with your own divine energy.

4. Balance & Beautification - By taking steps to change things in your space to reflect your ideal energies, it creates a space for those ideal energies to amplify in your life.  

Let us begin in the kitchen....

The kitchen is where we prepare food, a symbol of nourishment for ourselves & others. It corresponds with the the 3rd chakra, the stomach, the intestines & other digestive processes. When you look through your own kitchen, take a moment to let your mind wander around. How have you arranged your kitchen? Is it small & cramped? Is it tidy or disorganized? What might these things say about you & how you nourish yourself & others?

As you assess your space, be sure to do so with loving acceptance. Accept what you are about at this point in time. Your ideal self may clean the kitchen better or entertain more or explore new recipes, but your current self is where you are. You deserve recognition & honor for where you are in your life at this very moment.

Once you have assessed your kitchen, recognized & accepted your current state of being, it is time to connect this space to your spiritual being. When you begin to clean, or to prepare a meal, do so with a prayerful intent. As you remove your ingredients from your refrigerator, think of those who's hands have touched this food before it reached you. Bless them. Think of the earth, where this food orginated. Bless it. As you organize your meal, think of those you plan to nourish. Bless them. (even if it is just YOURSELF!) as you connect your spiritual awareness to every action, it brings Love & Light to your life & healing to your spirit.

If your kitchen needs cleaning, clarify your intent as you clean. I use a simple statement said silently, "Great Spirit, as I wash this floor, may the walls of my colon be cleansed. May I release any stagnant energies from my soul and allow myself to easily nourish & be nourished." or "As I clean this refrigerator, may all the energies I use to nurture my family be cleaned. I am so thankful for the food that I have such easy access to & I carefully care for it, so that I can share it with love." I highly encourage everyone to write their own prayerful statements, since the words from your heart will have so much more meaning in your world.

As your space is cleaned & your spirit is healing, think of ways that you can improve your environment to help you achieve your goals more smoothly. If you have been thinking for a while that you may need more nutrient-rich food, you may also find yourself looking for more nutrient-rich emotional bonds with the people in your life. If you would like to entertain more, but your kitchen is not equipped for such, maybe you can find ways to expand your space or find space-saving tools that can help you make the most of what you have. Or maybe you realized that your kitchen colors do not feel very nourishing to you. Find ways to incorporate the colors that make you feel good.

Your kitchen reflects the way you are able to satisfy & nourish yourself and the world around you. When it becomes in "sync" with your goals & ideas, you will find yourself reaching them more easily. Your highest good is easier to achieve, when everything in your life is aligned to it.

This story was brought to you by Deborah Lighthart, Psychic Advisor, Healer & Visionary Artist. The name "Deborah" means "Bee seeking the honey of life." Deborah's life mission is to help you find a sweet, satisfying & soulful existence. Her private practice is located at Feronia Wellness Center in Germantown WI, but she also works by phone & online. Her psychic readings are uplifting, accurate & insightful. Her healing work is soothing, spiritual & transformational. Her artwork is modern, abstract & spirited. She is also the Founder of Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group promoting holistic health & wellness. Deborah believes that health & happiness are your birthright and she works in every way possible to help you claim it. You can find more information about Deborah at