Let Our Adversity Be the Cause of Our Unity

by Wendy Kay


Dear People of this fine city, the out shirts, and the extending rural: I know amidst the clutter of your minds, trying to keep up with everything in your very busy and hectic every day lives, you look out into the street from your cars, and every once in a while, sometimes often, you feel a little fear, a little worry, or a little frustration. You wonder, what's going on in this world and what will become of it.

The headlines and media coverage is full of too much to take on in addition to trying to keep up with your finances, your families, your jobs, or lack of. Over the past years up to today, you hear about the mass amount of mortgages being foreclosed on, the banks going under, war, the absolute division of government, the black man still living with injustice, so many women raising families alone, the soldiers, the environment, natural disaster, and the threats of 2012. What's next(?) you wonder.

Maybe one, maybe a handful will hear me when I say that a slight shift in your thinking, and after one leads to another, we as a people can help the world, our country, our city and our families, together. Let's become a society of helpers. We can easily help one another to rise. We can take the hand of another and help them up. We can give some of what we have to each other. We can teach each other, share with each other, give human respect and kindness to each other, care for each other. Stand up for something or someone when you know it's right. Instead of looking at those you don't know, and idolizing them or assume them the enemy, know we are all connected, all the same really, just doing different things. Say hello.

Stop cheating yourselves by withholding the love in your heart that is your basic nature. Stop playing the game of the dog-eat-dog society. Stop being afraid to lose something that isn't that important anyway. Instead, open your heart to the neighbor or the stranger. Build relationships of love and alliance. We all have something of ourselves to offer another and to the world - everyone, including you.

Now imagine this fine city, the outskirts and extending rural areas with friendly faces, laughter, waves and kindness toward one another, food and warmth for everyone. We can communicate now. We can put things into perspective now. Now we can decide how to solve issues together because we've had a slight shift in our thinking...we have love. We feel good. We fear not and worry not; we are a strong team together, knowing someone will always give us a hand.

No one has to die for anger or greed, go hungry, go homeless, be discriminated against for position, race, gender, or the like. Even if only a small percentage of the people grasped onto this concept, the reform of a society that is struggling to survive would begin, and it would spread. It can start with just one person. It can start with you. In the end, you and those you love are the only ones that matter anyway, right? And everyone loves someone.

Let's all remember to have love in our hearts during this season of love, thanks and giving, and take it into the new year and a new way of life, if it feels good. Consider being giving of yourself or your "stuff" to another and, as a result, you give to yourself, by the feelings a giver gets. Be the person you really want to be, the one you were born to be, knowing we're all connected.

Originally posted at: www.wendykaylifecoach.com