Emotional Well-Being During the Holidays & Beyond!

Silence…ahh, sweet silence. The silence I crave is not simply slowing down. You know as well as I do, you can slow yourself down, while your mind keeps going. During the holidays, for many of you, silence is hard to come by as life seems overly full (as do our bellies). Others, on the other hand, may feel the depth of silence, when life feels less full than you would desires it to be. In either case, neither describes silence. You can have time to yourself, yet your mind can be filled with too much noise.

In the northern hemisphere, where I currently live, the length of darkness we are entering into supports us to create inner silence. This cannot be done by simply slowing yourself down. Creating inner silence is a type of miracle in and of itself. I have been practicing meditation 6 days a week, for over nine years. What I have observed is what a gift true silence from within is. Sometimes, you grasp the silence for just a few fleeting moments. Other times, you can be swept away by the gift of silence without realizing how much time has elapsed. During the holidays, the later type of silence is few and far between.

Just as nature has a period in which the external conditions lie dormant in order to prepare for transformation beneath the surface, so do we. The darkness outside, is beckoning for you to go to the darkness inside and be swept away by the silence residing within you. What you will find is a light guiding you, telling you more about your true path and the next steps for you to take.

Whether you are Christian or not, you have likely heard of the Christmas song, “Silent Night.” I have heard and sung the song so many times myself, yet rarely paid attention to the point being made. Silence is where miracles are born from and occur. Silence is the core of the potential that awaits within you - the same as it does for humanity as a whole.

Silence is a gift that cannot be created, yet can be found. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, silence is a true gift the season offers. This is the time of year when the Divine spark within you is waiting to be found at a deeper layer. Take this time to go within and discover what miracles are waiting to manifest through you. Only you can decide if the silence within you is worth finding.

Here’s to celebrating the silence within!

Happiest of Holidays to You!

Michelle Bersell



Great article! Thanks for sharing. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about forming a silent meditation group. It's an idea I've been toying with for a few months, but feels like it is ripening. I'd love for you to join us. <3