Candle Light Meditation

Celebrated Christmas Eve at Unity Church with a candle light service. A beautiful ceremony took place that included a meditation and the lighting of twelve candles to represent the disciples. I want to share with you some of the meditation that I had created for this evening so that you could utilize this for your own meditation.

To deepen your spiritual experience, each day you can take a period of time in which you create a holy moment using the light of a candle as your focal point. That light will be symbolic of the majesty of God in all its forms. Learning to focus upon that light in the following manner can help you have a more profound spiritual experience.

Look upon the candle in front of you and focus on the flame…..Relax and let go of any tension you may be holding in your body….Let your mind quiet and let go of all thoughts and/or concerns….….Breathe in through your nose….exhale slowly through your mouth….And again breathe in….And slowly breathe out…. Again breathe in…….and out…..Allow everything in the outer world to gently fall away now….Any outside sounds or distractions you hear…acknowledge them but then let them go…let the sounds disappear into peace……. Allow the music to help you soften…Everything getting softer and softer….easier and easier to relax deeply……

As your looking at the candle in front of you….notice the soft light it has created……. Observe how the flame gently moves as the candle burns.,,,,.. Now create a picture of this candle in your mind or within your heart……..And if you chose you can now close your eyes….

Imagine that the candle gently melts away the stresses and tension you have been holding in your body. As the candle burns, feel the tension easing, and relaxation flowing through your body. Notice the wax becoming softer. Feel your body also becoming softer.

Notice again the soft flame at the top of the candle. See how it flickers slightly in response to your breath as you exhale. Watch how the flame responds each time you breathe.

Now turn your attention back to the wax of the candle. The softening wax is melting, turning to liquid. Warm and flowing.... free from tension..... See the wax of the candle melting....melting the way your tension is melting away…..

As the melted wax builds, see it slowly overflow, and pour down the side of the candle, drop by drop. It feels like any stresses you were holding on to are dripping away with each drop of wax from the candle. The soft flame of relaxation warms you from the inside, melting away all stress.

Now say to yourself: This lit candle represents the energies of God………. As you observe the flame gently dancing….. feel a deep sense of holiness within you. This is your holy ceremony in which you are joyfully celebrating the beauty and splendor of the spiritual realm….

Feel deeply within yourself that the flame that you have created from the candle represents the forces of God which has now been made tangible……. Feel that the flame symbolizes the God energies that are about to be perceived by you.

Deeply imagine and feel the love….. Let the love fill you…. with its beauty and splendor... …Without striving or straining, give yourself to the experience….. Use the power of your imagination to expand upon the feeling of love. Imagine the love growing stronger and stronger within your heart……………..

Now, imagine that the flame of love within you is beginning to expand outward. It is radiating out beyond your physical body. Using the power of your imagination, see the love as a beautiful, radiant light that is spreading out all around you. Deeply feel that you are now transmitting that love as a brilliant light that you are sending out to other human beings. To help deepen this experience, say this to yourself:

"Now that I have drawn upon this flame…. the energies of God… to fill myself with love…., I now send forth this love to the human beings who share this earth life with me…. I offer this energy of love particularly to those individuals who are in need."

I wish for every one of you the knowingness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is within always…


This is a wonderful meditation, thank you so much for sharing, Julie. <3