How to Overcome the Biggest Barrier to Living Our Full Potential

In a nutshell: To remove all barriers, one must quiet the mind. Spend time in that altered state of consciousness in meditation where the mind is quiet, where resistance falls out of the way and you become self-obvious. Inspired thought flows in that state. During this experience of complete wellbeing, one realizes their own divinity and oneness with the universe and is aware of the feelings of a self without limitation.

Returning to a conscious state, one who takes the time to know their own purpose and can be clear in their intention, can spend time frequently utilizing visualization as a tool to retrain the subconscious mind into believing what that person has chosen to believe about themselves and their place in the universe. And through repetition of visualizing the outcome of their desire, their subconscious and conscious mind will begin to work for them, removing all barriers to reaching their full potential.

By doing this, you will eventually believe that whatever it is that you want to do, be or have is possible for you. If you believe it, you will achieve it. Every person has this ability and can easily take advantage of it. But to take advantage of this simple resolution, you must put in the time investment for yourself. So the question to be considered is: How bad do you want it?

(*Note: There are two Chapters in Mastering the Art of Feeling Good that instruct on how to quiet the mind. You will also find exercises on how to discover your purpose and getting clear on what you really want, as well as instruction on how to visualize.)

Much love to You ~ Wendy

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