11.11.11 with Peter Ross Voigt

What's the deal?
There's so much hype surrounding November 11th this year. What's really going on?
This question I cannot answer for you. However I can share my thoughts and feelings on the subject.
I have been on a strong spirit path for over 25 yrs. In that time, I have studied and explored many religions, spiritual teachings and paths. What I have learned is that there exists a spiritual reality beyond the physical world, beyond what we can see or feel with our senses. I also learned that there is a plan for each of us - and the planet as a whole. These plans call for the spiritual emergence of us all into our highest potential as human beings.
11/11/11 and 12/12/12 are simply steps on this great path of healing and transformation that we are all going through together. They seem to be rather significant steps.
There are many theories and ideas about what is going on and what will happen when. Many of these are quite possible, but in some cases, I think they may be projections of the Ego, trying to retain some control, by having some story to wrap the left brain around.
I don't know what will happen, and I don't really care. I find that when you deal with matters of spirit & energy, we don't have the ability to understand the true nature of things. This is why faith is so important. Not blind faith, but rather Knowledge based. Like the faith you have in the airplane, that it will take you safely to your destination, 30,000 ft above the surface of the earth.
As I look around me at the world today, I don't need to know anything about 11/11 or the Mayan calendar to know that the world is changing at a greater rate than ever before.
So I have faith that there is a divine plan, and I have faith that I am a part of it. I believe that the energy present on 11/11/11 will help us all, whether we understand it fully or not. However, I also believe that the more aligned you are with this energy and the more open you are to it, the more it can help you and make a difference in your life.
But it's not just about us - you and I. The real reason we do this work is to help those souls who rely upon us. Our children, our families, our friends and loved ones, who are struggling and suffering in this "world of tears". We can help them by following our higher path and coming a little bit closer to our potential.
Use the power of 11/11/11 to help get you there, help get us all there!
~ Namaste ~
Two chances to connect with us on 11/11/11
Please join us as we join our brothers & sisters all around the planet in a global meditation to tap into the divine energy that is available to us on this day, with more power, clarity and love than ever before.
1) Morning meditation on the beach in Port Washington, 10am - 12 noon.
This location, on the beach, is one of the most healing & powerful spots I have found in all of Wisconsin. There is a clear vibration and wilderness energy that is difficult to find anywhere else so close to Milwaukee. Just being present is enough to clear and balance ones energy. Please allow 20 minutes to walk to site from your car.

WE WILL BEGIN at 10am with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony (to honor the Earth, the Sun, the Air, the Water, the 7 directions, our ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, saints, prophets and the one Creator).

Weather permitting, we will also have a bonfire and a group healing ceremony to clear the energetic blockages that we carry around in our hearts, minds & bodies.

Deep meditation begins at 11am as we connect with the global matrix of healing, transformation & love.

11:11am will bring us spiritual awakening and enlightenment to a greater degree than we have ever known.
We will complete by 12 noon.

Free will DONATIONS will be accepted (suggested $10-$20/pp) Please RSVP

DIRECTIONS: Lake Park, Port Washington, Wi (North Beach @ Healing Rock). There are two ways to access the north beach. One is from above, park in the lot at Lake Park, then walk down the stairs to the beach. The other way is to park below, next to PW Yacht club & the band shell, then walk around the water filtration plant to the beach. From the beginning of the beach, it's about a 1/4 mile walk to Healing Rock (best w shoes off). Plan for 20 min walk from parking lot.

Alternate location will be chosen in case of inclement weather, so mark your calendar & plan to come, rain or shine!

2) WE ARE ONE 11-11-11 at The Atrium in Greendale, Wi 5-11:30pm

A great opportunity to connect with dozens of healers, artists, musicians, psychics, channels and others from our area. Meditations, talks and classes throughout the evening, culminating in the group meditation 11-11:20pm.
I will be present, offering samples of my energy healing work, a brief healing meditation at 8:30pm and the group meditation at 11pm.

There is no charge for this event

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