Vemma Bod-e Weight Management System

We have been involved with Vemma since the summer of 2007. We have never been so excited about a product/system than the one that will be coming on 1/1/12. Starting November 28th, Vemma Brand Partners will be eligible to pre-order Bod-e and receive the product BEFORE 1/1/12. This will be revolutionary in the weight management arena. The results with the focus group have been simply amazing. For more information, please listen to the following 25 minute call...712-432-1085 PIN 245564#

If what you hear from the call interests you, drop us a line at or look for our booth at the Women's Wellness Day at Feronia on Saturday November 19th. We're looking forward to sharing all of the Vemma products and discussing the building excitement surrounding Bod-e. I couldn't think of a better time to get in on the ground floor of something truly unique in the arena of health/wellness and weight managmement!

Paul and Susan Collar


Hi Paul & Susan, This must be the new product you were telling me about. How exciting! Looking forward to learning more.