Times of Change by K.E. Voss

Times of Change
by K.E.Voss
October 7, 2011

A change I'm not ready for,
I don't want to say goodbye.
A change I'm not ready for,
I just want to cry.

Why must you leave so soon?
A question that I hear.
Why can't time stand still?
I really want you here.

I guess it's just time,
I wonder to myself.
It'll be fine,
I keep assuring myself.

I hate to leave you,
Why must you go?
I'm really going to mis you,
As the tears start to flow.

I hear your voice which whispers:

"Be strong, be brave, we'll meet again.
I will always be near,
I'm right here.
Beside you, to guide you,
I Love You, my buddy, my friend."

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