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Why Detox?

Our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of a normal body process. Detoxification is one of the body's most basic automatic functions of eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. Unfortunately in this day and age, with the pollution found in the air, water, and food we eat, our bodies have a hard time keeping up. Our chemicalized diet with too much non-organic foods, saturated and trans fats, and too much caffeine and alcohol radically changes our internal ecosystem.

Body systems and organs that were once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely over-loaded to the point where toxic material remains inside our tissues. Our bodies try to protect us from dangerous substances by setting it aside and surrounding it with mucous and fat so that it will not cause an imbalance or trigger an immune response. Some people carry up to 15 extra pounds of mucous that harbors this waste. We often have a hard time releasing this mucous and fat.

Detoxification through The Rejuvenation 21 Program is one way to assist your body's natural self-cleaning system. It is especially important for immune-compromised diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and chronic fatigue. By doing this 21 day detox and fat release program it will help extend your longevity and minimize your risk for dis-ease.

Rejuvenation 21 is a system that balances and detoxifies the hypothalamus, a gland located in the brain that controls metabolism. Not only does it help shed those extra amounts of mucous, but it helps keep it off, usually clients release about 1/2 lb or more a day.

A local client states: "By the time I finished my forty-five day cleanse (Yes, I opted for the long one) I was almost forty pounds lighter. My total release was a little over thirty-seven pounds. Needless to say, I was overjoyed. I'd been trying to release these pounds for so long and only the Rejuvenation program was able to help me succeed where everything else had failed."

Another client from Illinois released over 15 lbs in 24 days and wrote: "Honestly, I am beyond excited to see the numbers and I bless each and every day .. especially the day where I dialed your number and you picked up the phone even though it was a weekend .. and then talked and talked to me .. totally God sent!"

Find out more about The Rejuvenation Program LIVE from Tally Hayden C.N.H.P!

Join her via phone or web:

7:00pm Central

October 27, 2011

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Not All Oils Are Created Equal Learn about the Young Living difference

Sunday, October 16, 1:00pm, Germantown, WI
Young living is dedic
ated to providing the best essential oils. From start to finish, planting to production, Young Living is in control of every detail because they understand that under the wrong circumstances an essential oil can lose its beneficial properties and fail to produce the desired effect. Just what are some of the benefits? Essential oils can help alleviate stress, allergies, and insomnia. They can help increase energy while minimizing aches and pains and they can even help cleanse your system.

Join Certified Natural Health Practitioner Tally Hayden at
the Feronia Wellness Center October 16th, 2011, Sunday at 1:00pm as she discusses the many potentials of these oils. Come touch, smell, and even taste some of the purest forms of what nature has to offer!
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The Best Boost Around
Come to this FREE Tasting!

Thursday, October 20, 7:00pm, Greenfield, WI
Do you find you
rself dozing at work, but you lie awake at night counting never-ending sheep? Are you suffering from stomach pains or do you find yourself craving that other piece (or 2) of pie? Then think about trying this powerful new superfood. Each portion is bursting with servings of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. More than just a dietary supplement (it tastes better too), a few of its benefits include strengthening of immune function, increase in energy, reduction of appetite, promotion of fat loss, and improved digestion.

Come try it for yourself for free Thursday, October 20, 2011.

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Young Living Breathe Again Roll-On
Happily take a deep breath.

Breathe Again Roll-On

Having trouble breathing? Do you have congestion? Breathe Again Essential Oil Roll-On helps awaken airways and open nasal passages. Containing four powerful Eucalyptus Oils, Myrtle Oil, Copaiba and Peppermint, it is designed to promote healthy sinus and lung function. Not to mention Breathe Again comes in an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry roll-on.

"After regularly using Young Living essential oils for 6 months my son hardly gets any asthma symptoms when he has a cold like he has done since age 3. (He is now 7.) He had a cold recently with a little wheezing after he had been running around. I applied Breathe Again all over his upper chest and back. Within 10 minutes the wheeze was gone and did not return." - K. Young (

Breathe in... Breathe out... Breathe in again. Young Living Breathe Again Roll-on is available for purchase by Hayden House of Healing. Click here to learn about other Young Living Essential Oil Products.


One-on-One Water Kefir Session With Tally
Schedule your 45 minute appointment today
for only $39.95!

Water Kefir is a lactose-free fermented beverage made from sugar water, juice, or coconut water so it is dairy-free and an excellent source of probiotics. Kefir helps speed up the healing process, clear blood vessels, improves brain function, and so much more!

Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Tally Hayden, offers personal instruction on how to make water kefir and how to take care of your grains. Not only do you receive in-depth guidance, but you also get an informational packet with recipes and a Water Kefir Starter Kit with fermenting jar and kefir grains!


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