DeLightfully Deborah

I used to write a lot of poetry. It was a great way to honor my emotional process & a powerful healing tool. Now I have less time on my hands, so I write a lot of one-liners. If it can be of assistance to anyone else on their journey of personal growth & awakening, I'm happy to share. 
Love & Light,
Deborah Lighthart

He's not the first man to break my heart, but I sure do hope he is the last.

The awkward moment when you bare your heart to someone who only steps back to watch you strip
(& doesn't even bother with the $1 tip.)

I love everyone I meet! If for some reason, I come across someone that I don't love right away, I go home & meditate on how I can better love myself because, you see, we are all one. Anything we don't, can't or won't love in the world, is simply because we don't, can't or won't love it in ourselves.

In marriage, it's the ugly days that show you how beautiful your love truly is.

I am just a moon and Love is my sun.

If I told you my love
Was an infinite ocean
Would you wade into it little by little?

Or would you splash around
on the beach until nightfall
And then pack up your things and go home?

Would you sail your ship across it
In some great, romantic adventure
Searching for its’ end?

Maybe you’d want to scuba through
Admiring its’ endless depths
feeling fascinated by all that dwells there?

Or would you take my hand
And swim with me
Into the waves of eternity

As they engulf us
in each other’s emotions
Ultimately bathing us in bliss?

Or would you stay on dry land
All safe & sound
sometimes wondering "What if?"

It matters not what you choose
As my love IS an infinite ocean
just smiling & waving to you

Everyone has a story. All they want to do is tell it.

God is an infinite ocean. Every drop is divine.

When two people are lucky enough to find bliss with one another, it is such a blessing. When two people learn to sustain that bliss, it is such an accomplishment.

Isn't it wonderful how life-affirming it is when life affirms us? It's so beautiful to see the seeds of your dreams sprouting in the world around you. And, if you don't see them yet, be patient. With the perfect blend of nature & nurture, they cannot help but grow.

If there wasn't any doubt, it wouldn't be building any faith.

Dear You,
Why are you so afraid of me? Why do you hide from the Light? Even when you have made mistakes, even when they were really big ones, even when you thought you failed beyond belief, I have had nothing but love for you. How could I ever have anything but love for you? You are part of me, created in divinity. I will love you to the ends of the earth and til the end of time, for you are my beloved. You are the gift of Life. You are the beautiful expression of Love in action. Go now. Be in action. Dance your own dance. Sing your own song. Speak your own speech. Reach deep inside, deeper than you could have imagined & then share the great blessings of your soul with those around you. Let them see you. Let them REALLY see you, as that is the only way they can ever really see me.


Sometimes the move from the head to the heart is a much longer journey than it appears.

Listen to your heart. It is whispering to you about the meaning of life. Your life. The secrets are locked inside of you & love is the key.


Even if you've given your children the most perfectly decorated nest, it's not any easier to watch them fly out of it.

18 years ago today
A baby came to me
A tiny little baby, full of wants & needs
That I wasn’t sure I could ever meet
But I loved him with my whole heart
So I tried
He was strong
He showed me how to fight
I didn’t understand why it had to be with him
But I loved him anyway
And I knew he loved me
At such an early age,
He built his own businesses & made his own money
He was smart
Smart enough to see through the lies around him
Smart enough to break the patterns of his parents
And to create his own
Declaring his right to be exactly who he is
No matter what anyone else thinks
He was brave
He protected his friends, his family, other kids, animals, the earth
and anyone else that couldn’t protect themselves
From the injustices of this world
He was a warrior, a winner & wise beyond his years
Today, he stands before me
A man
Strong, smart & brave
Strong enough to stand up to anyone
Smart enough to make his way in the world
Brave enough to be all he was born to be
I’m so lucky to be his mother

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a most amazing man. My heart broke because he could not give me himself. When I stopped crying, I realized he had given me something better: Myself.

on the flipside of that for the guys

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a most amazing woman. My heart broke because she could not give herself to me. When I stopped being angry, I realized she had given me something better: Myself.

Hurt people hurt people. Anyone & everyone who has ever hurt you has only done so from their own woundedness. The sooner you forgive them will send you both to a state of grace.

You don't need to ask someone to tell your fortune, you need to ask how to shift your inner blocks so you can receive it.

Do you think maybe that everyone who has ever loved us is just God's way of whispering to us of how lovable we are?

Do you ever feel like there is so much to say that the only way to say it all is to say nothing?

Sometimes when emotions get confusing or overwhelming, people shut them off and they shut out anyone who might turn them back on again


"Dear Heartbreakers"

Thank you!
You were so right
not to take my heart
while I was throwin' it at you
like a carney hustler
loving you with all my might
praying that you would love me back
My love is NOT
some prize to be won
when you pick a swimming duck
Oh no, my friend
My love is greater than that
So I will put my heart
back on the shelf
dusting it off
fluffing it up
waiting for someone
who will see my true value
Someone who can love me
the way that I loved you.

"My Thief"
Just when I am certain
that there is no way
you could steal my heart,
you prove yourself to be
a much better thief
than I could have imagined

You test my soul
And bring me to tears
You break me open
to release my fears
I am forever

Your true potential can only be realized when you give to your heart more power than you give to your fear.

You cannot measure your lovability by another's ability to love.

Forgiveness is harder to find without an apology to lead the way. The funny thing is that it really doesn't matter who does the apologizing.

When fear masquerades as reason, dreams are destroyed by logic.

Even the smallest leap of faith is still great exercise.

"Goddess Within"
Uniquely, within every woman
there lies a wealth of information,
A knowledge of love & life,
of laughter & tears,
of hopes & fears,
Dreams that only she can see.
To honor her knowing,
her female intuition,
her need for introspection,
is to begin to learn the mystery of the Universe.
To learn the essence of who she is
Is to learn the essence of life itself.
And we all should be so lucky.

Father, brother, lover, friend
There is no beginning and no end
To the love we share
Only forever held in one moment
Between our joined hands.

There is something about you
Something about us
Something that makes me feel like a child
All blushing and shy, trembling with excitement
Something that makes me want to know you
Something that makes me think I could love you
Really, truly love you
Tell me, do you feel it too?

"I am Yours"
One day, I looked over
And saw my heart in your hands.
At first, I thought I'd lost it.
But soon, I realized....
That, for the first time,
It was truly found.

Come to me, sweet lover
Let us learn of each other
Who are you?
Who do you appear to be?
How can I love you?
How can I let you love me?
Until we know, I'll hold your hand
Until we both understand
It's safe to fall
In love.

To unleash my creativity
To remove it's collar and set it free
Is a feeling of ecstasy
Sheer orgasmic, ecstasy
It is from this space that I choose to create
Sharing that ecstasy with you.

"Am I Yours?"
Your name is written across my soul, my love
And it's been there for so long
I keep waiting for you to come to me
And claim me as your own
Breathing in anticipation
Reminding myself that patience is a virtue
I can't help but wonder...
Anyone got an eraser?

"Could it be?"
Could it be
That my heart is free to love you?
Could it be
That you've awakened me to trust you?
Could it be
That our time has finally come?
My body trembles
My soul leaps without caution
Could it truly be?

Behind your mask of emotional warfare
I see your love.
Behind your pain and wall of betrayal
I see your light.
The beauty of your soul shines eternal.
In day or night
In rain or shine
In love or pain
I see you.

I write personalized poetry for special occassions. This poem was a gift to my uncle when he got married, inspired by a conversation we had about how everyone is just searching for "that hand to hold." Please contact me for pricing on your own personalized poem.

To my uncle & his new wife....
A man can search a million miles
and love eludes him still.
A woman can wander endlessly
for the man whose arms she'll fill.
But when two people come together,
When their hearts and minds combine,
When they know the love they have will last
& stand the test of time.
They've found those eyes
to match their gaze.
They've found a strength
that always stays.
A bond to trust
as they grow old,
They've finally found
that hand to hold.

"Adoring Him"
Tell me your fantasies
Tell me your fears
Make me understand you
I am so in love with you
Nothing could be taboo
Whatever you like
Whatever you hate 
shall become the outline
for my very existence
Turn on the light
Open my eyes
So I can really see you

Once in a while,
something really amazingly wonderful 
falls into your hands 
and you love it so much 
that you want to be with it every day. 
you want to bask in it's beauty forever 
and you can't imagine ever letting it go. 
Then one day, 
out of nowhere, 
you suddenly become aware 
that it is time to give it up. 
The trust in your heart surprises you 
as you open your hands
and let it leave. 
Loving it every bit as much 
as you ever did, 
but knowing 
it is time for it to shine elsewhere,
You open your heart
and you truly set it free,
holding only the memories
of it's sweet beauty
so deep in your heart
that they become a part of you.

Jumping on my ringing phone
like the world is on fire.
Greeting each call with so much hope
my heart leaps higher,
and higher,
but it's never you.
Never ever you.
Restore my faith
in men 
in love
in life itself.
Call me
Just call me
Call me your own.
Am I still 
your own? 

The light between two lovers
Is like high noon
It shines so brightly
that their shadows are lost
Hurry, kiss me quick,
before they are found.

Your presence in my life inspires me
to become the woman I was born to be.
It is as though my soul leans in your direction
resembling a hungry flower craving bloom
stretching it's stem
to better drink in the light of the sun.
Like a newborn babe instinctively
rooting for milk of the mother,
my heart seeks sustenance in you.

A want growing in me
That I cannot understand
Because there is no sense to be made
of aching for a man
who takes no notice of me
When others beg for my attention
It continually falls on him
Whether it is destiny, desire or delusion,
I must admit,
This feeling makes no sense.

"Welcome Home"
Ahhh.... the comforts....
Of living in a fortress of your own making
Of breathing in the stagnant air
Of wearing your shackles like charm bracelets
and accepting your infinite confinement with a smile
Daily life stifling your pleas for help so effectively
that their even their silence is beyond detection
It is the slowest, most satisfying suffocation that one can find
Solid brick walls that deceive you with false protection
Isolating you from reality
Torturing you with your own thoughts
Inviting you to abuse yourself just one more deliciously familiar time
Take up arms, my friend
Fight back
Feel the fire in your belly
Feel the power in your soul
Feel the strength of the walls opposing themselves
Fight back against the only true oppression that has ever existed
The only adversary that you have ever really had
Your fear.

"Can you?"
Come to me
With your humanly fears & foibles
Let me love you
Tis true I adore you
And my romantic heart leaps to view your perfection
Your most heavenly self
Can you let me love you?
May I be free to see your holy light
and help you to become it?
Can you let me see the best in you?
The parts that fill the world with wonder
that fill me with wonder.
May I place my hand in yours
and take you there too?
Can you let me see the worst in you
The parts the fill you with terror and shame
and pull them closer to my heart
so close that they becomes love itself?
Can I be bask in your light long enough
for you to realize that that is truly all there is?
Can you?
Let me love you?

"Ghetto Sister"
Angry mother,
as you you grab your child,
as you slap her face,
Can you see her man's fist in that same place
20 years from now?
Angry sister,
I know your pain
I know your shame
your disgrace at her disobedience
But if she doesn't listen to you now
Don't be afraid
Your world will not fall apart
I promise
Take a breath
and take her hand
Show her how to be brave
Brave enough to break the cycle.

"I crave you"
Let me taste you
For just one bite
Will surely satisfy my deepest hunger.
Let me drink you
For just one drop
Will surely quench my eternal thirst.
Let me love you
For just one moment
Will surely last forever.

"A Match?"
The embers of our fire glow so faintly, my love
And a decision must be made
As to who will re-kindle the flame
Will it be you?
Or will it be me?
Or will they draw upon their final breath,
relinquishing their last bit of life
as they gently snuff themselves out?
Silently I sit in wonder.

Tears fall from unknown pain
The lack of clarity is astounding
A fog lay within me that completely blocks the sun
A fog thick as pea soup
I scream to break the blocks
But the release is too mild
So I dance
I dance my very own dance
that I don't yet understand
So it is very ok if no one else does either
I forgive them all
For not comprehending
The movements that confuse even me

I've had many muses over the years, but this poem was written as a gift for my absolute favorite one.

“Erik the Great”

Erik the Great
lives on
Pretty Lake.
Of course he does!
Where else would he live?
Maybe on the
ponds of peace?
Or the
river of dreams?
Or the
oceans of love
flow down from the Heavens
dividing into tiny streams
that water the world with BLISS
like he does?
Erik the Great
has a smile that sprays sunshine
like a sprinkler in summer.
You can't help but
LOVE him
and want to
dance   in his fountains of TRUTH
bathing in the beauty of
All That Is
as it
flows through him.
Erik the Great
walks with an
entourage of Angels
so closely that you think he
IS One
And sometimes
he is.
And sometimes
he is just