From the mouths of my babes......

We have a chihuahua named "Jack" who happens to look (and act) a whole lot like Stitch from the movie "Lilo & Stitch."

Yesterday, my 5yo son asked me, "Mom can we turn Jack blue so he can be Stitch for Halloween?"

I responded, "Haha! That would be funny."

He said, "Good. Cuz I already started coloring him."

My 5yo experience cookie samples at the grocery store for the 1st time. He thought that a zillion broken up cookie pieces for FREE was the coolest thing ever. His sister was sick, so I happened to buy her a dozen sugar cookies that she had been begging for in the last few weeks. You can guess what happened to those cookies.

We were at a church rummage sale & it was closing in 15 minutes so they said we could take a trash bag full of clothing for just $2. My 14yo daughter got a little overzealous with this project and threw tons of stuff into her bag that she didn't examine very closely. When she got home to unpack, she found in the bag a sweater that reminded us all of the scene in "Just Friends" where the chubby guy is singing a Michael Bolton song. Since then, the sweater has been nick-named "The Michael Bolton Sweater."

She wore the sweater the other day and I asked her to get out of the car to return a movie. She said, "I don't know if I can, I'm wearing the Michael Bolton sweater."

I told her, "The sweater looks good on you. Besides no one will see you, just hop out."

So she did.

Then my 7yo rolls down the window & begins singing, "By the moon & the stars in the sky... I swear...."
My mother tells this story of when I was like 5yo, I wrote my sister's name on the wall instead of my own, so I wouldn't get in trouble for writing on the walls. My sister is 4 years younger than me, which would have made her a baby (therefore rendering it impossible for her to be blamed for writing anything especially her own name). Yesterday, I went upstairs to take a shower & came back down to find my 5yo giving me a little karmic payback.
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