Anonymous Poetry

Will Be

It is time to let go of memories 2 yrs. that are passing.
Why are you still so fresh in my days of seasons that keep changing?
You said it is goodbye, forever never together.
But I keep a strange heart so hopeful and unexpecting.
I believe in laws of this universe.
If it is meant to be we will converse.
I feel pushing and pulling of wave like emotions inside my being.
Could this be you? I keep wondering.
I see you around me in men I am only imagining.
They look, sound and even have your energy.
Could this be you? I keep wondering.
When you appear as you did once more
I will know how it felt like once before...
Could this be you? I keep wondering.
When I have to wonder no more
It will be complete bliss like never before.
This time forsure Will Be better
I know we Will Be together forever
Still think about you everyday-
Good and bad I love you anyway.
If I ever get the chance to speak again-
This is what would be said.....
You need to honor me for my vulnerability-
I gave myself completely, thinking it was mutual honesty.
Never doubted our existence ever for a moment-
Or if you would ever torment.
I wanted to please you from the start-
So natural without effort it came from my heart.
I asked if this time it would be different.
"Of course I will not leave you, not for a minute."
So I gave myself to you unconditionally-
Brought down my walls, forgetting.
Uncertainty came and familiarity stayed-
This is just another "game."
You took what you wanted not giving more, left me again like before-
You left me to struggle by myself, hurting like nothing else.
This time an explanation but useless and trite-
A cowardly exit strategy, your way of making it right.
The knife plunged deep into my core-
No breath or gasp, just a "911" score.
So cruel to my being-
Believing you cared and felt love.
"A different love unlike one for a wife or husband-
A secret love that would last forever!"
This may be no longer true-
SO it is now my turn to rediscover my own love of who I am, what I deserve-
And how I can take back my power when you return!!

A familiarity has taken over
A false sense of knowing you or wanting to know me for who I am.
Failing myself to express freely
Short common conversation
Giving less quality time to depth
Familiar, absent, superficial talk
Sense a rigidness and self absorption
Uneasiness instead of a carefree flexibility
What about me? Do you really want to know?
Not good enough for you?
Familiar script I've heard " You are beautiful, "I Love You now more than ever" now fall prey to my bed together"
"She will feed my EGO"
I will not relive the roller coaster ride of wonder
Inconsistencies and lack of time bring back a memory of a hurtful heart
No more broken hearts for repair
I will not live through this pain while covering up the hurt and goodbyes
Disrespectful to me and I am disrespectful to my family
No more living someone else's lies and deceits
You are too hard to have and to hold
I am already happy just caught me being vulnerable with or without you
True character of you and I presents
Eyes opening to see two different worlds
Another life, time and place together forever
Wish you the best life ever
This is my Reality, too many barriers

I am angry since you haven't come back, like I thought you would.
I had hopes that you would never forget me, even though I knew you would.
I am so sad I won't ever hear you say "You make me Alive", like you always would.
I cry because you use to love me, I hoped you always would.
I want you back the way we were, I prayed it would.
I am hopeless saying this is the end, when you knew it would.
I loved being in love with you, you knew I would.
Why did we have to meet, you knew we would.
It is agonizing that you are still in my head, you knew it would.
Painful to be alone in my heart, you knew it would .
I was hoping you would change your mind and come back to me, I thought you would.
I thought you would be everything to me, you knew I would.
I knew deep down you couldn't be anything to me, you knew I would.
I will always love you, you knew I would.
Without "YOU"
by Anonymous

Our Secret rendezvous’ all time of the day but only talking and imagining “YOU”.
How you look, feel and taste, while hanging onto every word to fill me up and make me feel a live for “YOU.”
Laughing at your sweetness and treating me as the only one who existed in this universe “I’m a special one of a kind”
Couldn’t imagine it ever ending when it felt so incredible to be idolized by “YOU.”
My lonely days were filled with “YOU”, never to be lonely again.
But only imagining and listening to “YOU”- that’s all I ever had.
It was enough for me because all I ever needed was this daily fix of “YOU” and I was on cloud 9.
I was addicted to “YOU” high on this drug that was good for me and would sustain my life forever and ever.
“YOU” made me high.
Never thought of being without so why go there when it felt so right.
Then you changed your mind, stopped me cold of “You” and let me go.
I don’t want to admit that what we had was wrong, not right, should not have been, or will ever be, but I am selfish and I want the fix I need.YOU!
I need then to know where or how I can get it?Are you the only one who has it?This drug called, “YOU.”
I tried finding it within me but I keep searching without any clarity.
So without it my loneliness has returned and I added a new withdrawal that is even harder to get through.
That is “Sadness” without “YOU!”