Young Living Essential Oils Workshop

Not All Oils Are Created Equal
Come learn about the Young Living Difference

Young Living Essentials Workshop
Sunday Oct 16
N112W16760 Mequon Road
Germantown, WI 53022
Fee: $5 Suggested Donation
RSVP:, 262.377.8885 or via MEETUP
Young living is dedicated to providing the best essential oils. From start to finish, planting to production, Young Living is in control of every detail because they understand that under the wrong circumstances an essential oil can lose its beneficial properties and fail to produce the desired effect. Just what are some of the benefits? Essential oils can help alleviate stress, allergies, and insomnia. They can help increase energy while minimizing aches and pains and they can even help cleanse your system. Join Certified Natural Health Practitioner Tally Hayden as she discusses the many potentials of these oils. Come touch, smell, and even taste some of the purest forms of what nature has to offer!

Keep in mind though that not all essential oils are created equal. As part of the process, Young Living oils undergo rigorous testing to make sure that each batch has retained its vital compounds. You get optimum quality in each bottle of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

This event raises awareness & funds for Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group providing education & resources on holistic health. Please help us spread the word by sharing this info with your network using the links below.


Hey Tally! I was so happy to be able to sit in on part of your class today. You are just such an incredible base of knowledge & wisdom. It's an honor to be able to sit with you & experience some of your beautiful "pearls." Thank you for doing what you do!
Darlene C said…
So glad to have sat in on this workshop. Who knew? I was awakened around 5:30am Sunday morning with Angelspeak on my mind, knowing it was at eleven. Still sleepy, I asked if its meant for me to attend, bring it forth again when I wake up later. Well, I woke again at 10am with the strong sense I had somewhere to be.

I sat in on Angelspeak held by Kristina Bloom. It was nice, I learned about a park in Burlington Wi. that i'd really like to experience. I was glad to be there, yet It seemed my true purpose hadn't been fulfilled. Upon dismissing myself, I was told there was an essential oil workshop that starts in 30 minutes. Very interested in the effects of essential oils that i'd been recently investigating on my own, I thought to myself, "Well Darlene, here's your answer." This was my purpose for my 5:30 wake up!

I am so glad I stayed. Tally, with Young Living Oils, was extremely informative, forthright, easy to talk with, welcoming, and appreciated informative feedback herself. She made everyone feel comfortable from my perspective and ANY question, was only a page away if not brought from her own memory!

The important thing that I walked away with was, the fact that all essential ois are NOT creatted equal. As I mentioned above, I'd been attempting to learn more about essential oils within the last few months. I've purchased a few, and when told I should not ingest them, I honestly thought it was some sort of sales tactic. I'd heard that people would place Peppermint under their tongue, so why would a salesperson tell me this? Then I read it on the label, I was confused. So obviously, if people are putting it under their tongue its ok. But.....Tally explained there's a difference in the way the oils are processed! The ones I was purchasing are processed with chemicals......Who Knew?? Hmmmph ...Tally Knew!! So, now I know about the Medicinal oils, the Real Deal, and I'm so grateful for her wealth of information.

I also learned of the many oils that are surprisingly effective for different ailments and diseases. Hearing actual testimonies was a plus! Again, to learn and understand the importance of essential oils is life changing, hopefully someday everyone will be learn this importance and begin taking the necessary steps to make their lives enjoyable to live.


Darlene C.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about this class. For many people who are new to exploring holistic health & wellness, it can really help them to have insights from those who have actually attended the classes. I really appreciate you taking the time to share about your experience & I hope that more people will do the same.
Diane said…
Had a fabulous time at the Essential Oils class. Really learned a lot about how to use them and the difference between Young Living and others on the market. It was a relaxing and educational afternoon. Thanks again
Diane Konrath
Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Diane. So glad you could be there. Tally is such a beacon of Light, it's hard NOT to have a great time around her. :)