Finding Security in the Unknown

The only path to security is in truly embracing the unknown.

On April 11th I wrote an article about Spring Cleaning.

I spoke of how decluttering your physical space leads to decluttering your mental space, and that in turn leads to more creative energy and freedom of thought. It is a wonderful and very light feeling, like floating.

I would like to add to that with an associated exercise that can bring the feeling of gifting and charity into your Spring cleaning. The idea is to have a “Give-Away Day.”

Fill the garage bit by bit with all the stuff you have uncluttered through your new daily practice of detaching. When it really starts to pile up, call your friends and invite them to come and get all your stuff. They will go crazy and it will really create a great memory for them and for you. Plus, the objects themselves will have a much more useful and vibrant life in their new home.

If you commit to these simple exercises of decluttering and gifting, you can find a pathway to huge inner emotional shifts of freedom from fear, freedom from worry, freedom from regret, and the joy of true security.

To find this feeling of total security and total freedom, it is necessary to let go of our attachment to physical things. Detachment holds the wisdom of uncertainty and possibilities. When you embrace uncertainty, you will find security. When you embrace possibilities, you will find freedom.

Moving from the known to the unknown allows you to access a world of limitless possibilities. You can allow these wonderful possibilities into your life by these simple exercises of decluttering and gifting.

Start today and never ever stop… and allow the magic to unfold!

Enjoy, Rick

Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-Free Coaching, and is the author of Extreme Thought Makeover™… 37 Days to Maximum Life! He speaks throughout the U.S. and has a following in more than 50 countries. To learn more or to work with Dr. Rick directly, call 414-573-8880 or go to