Verve - Knowing your Ingredients Part 2

Why are energy drinks called energy drinks? Because if they do their job right, they’re full of ingredients that help fuel your body and may support greater efficiency … and in the case of Verve, with long-term benefits as well!* Today, we’re giving you the hard cell about inositol.

Inositol, a member of the B vitamin family, plays an important role in synthesis of cell membranes and functions in cellular communication. And if you think that sounds like a mobile-phone advertisement, you’re not far off. Just as you need a good signal to have a conversation, your cells work together to help keep your body operating efficiently! Inositol is water-soluble, and daily consumption is recommended for optimal health benefits.

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Next week: Some berry good information on guarana!

Rolfes, S. Understanding Nutrition, 11th edition,

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