Using Reiki to Treat Substance Addictions

Reiki is a means of re-aligning the body's energy to its optimal state. This life-force energy that is in all of us is very sensitive to thoughts and feelings. Stress (addiction is one type) is a detrimental drain on life-force energy and can be relieved by Reiki.

According to the International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki has been used successfully at Hope Ranch, an addiction-treatment center in Oregon. Reiki relieved stress to promote calm and peace as well as alleviated physical symptoms of addiction.

Since 1992, The Windana Community Center has been using Reiki in its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program with remarkable success. In 2002, the authors Eilene Chapman and Geraldine Milton expanded on the claims they made in their 1995 report. Entitled “Reiki as an Intervention in Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal and Rehabilitation – Almost a decade of experience, this latest report included the authors’ findings that Reiki “often appears to address the conscious and unconscious spiritual needs of drug users.” The authors also expound on the fact that Reiki appeared to elicit self-awareness, which in turn “facilitated the counseling process” and assisted the clients in their personal growth.

According to Francis Perry, a Reiki healer, utilizes Reiki to deal with substance abuse.

Perry noted: “Withdrawal from substance abuse is extremely stressful, both physically and emotionally. Symptoms include muscle pain, bone aches, headaches, vomiting, the shakes, diarrhea, cravings, sleep disorders, loss of appetite and extreme moodiness. Reiki is very helpful in relieving the physical symptoms and in calming the body and mind.”

“Like all clients, the person who has used/misused substances is special in that they are at the start of their own journey acknowledging their own vulnerability,” he noted. “They are also seeking to transform themselves by and through the symbolic action of healing and self-healing.”

In general, he noted that due to the supportive nature of Reiki, clients begin to feel more “centered” and relaxed.

“Many clients claim that the first time they ever felt unconditionally loved was during a Reiki session. Several clients have cried during Reiki and this too, helped release built-up stress in the body and subconscious.”

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