Nothing Is Beyond Your Reach

How great it feels to accomplish something. How great it feels to sit back and admire what you’ve done. Whether it’s baking and decorating a beautiful cake, writing a piece of music, cutting the lawn, weeding the garden, folding the laundry, finishing a sculpture, completing a project for work, preparing a meal, getting a diploma, having a baby, or organizing your sock drawer… it feels so great to stand back and declare, “I did that!”

Here’s an idea that can help you find control in your life, and a feeling of being able to create anything you like for yourself. The next time you do anything, stand back and declare, “I did that!” When you park the car and it’s all crooked in the garage declare, “I did that!” When you prepare a meal for the family and it is beautiful and tasty declare, “I did that!” When you trim the bushes and it turns out to be a real hack-job declare, “I did that!” When you miss your departing plane at the airport because you went to Starbucks at the last minute to get a Latte and they closed the gate before you got back… declare, “I did that!”

When you ace a math test, or flunk a Spanish exam, or simply show up completely unprepared for an event… declare, “I did that!” When you send flowers to your lover and they arrive in the perfect moment that they needed them declare, “I did that!” When you lose your temper and snap at your teenage daughter declare, “I did that!”

This idea goes way beyond accountability and taking responsibility for your actions. This involves the deeper and most critical components of finding true happiness: appreciation and acceptance. It involves self-love in an unconditional manner. When you take responsibility for everything you do and all that happens around you, it gives you the feeling of being in control in your life. I mean “control” in the way that there is nothing that is beyond your control, nothing that happens as a coincidence, or even just good or bad luck.

This feeling of control puts you in a position to be a creator. When you accept that you have created everything in your life, you realize great personal power. When you can appreciate everything in your life, whether it looks good or bad, you start to feel magical. You start to realize that you have magical control over everything that happens around you, and from that magical feeling comes the idea that nothing is impossible. Your imagination can run wild and you can start to have affirmations of any magnitude.

Nothing is beyond your reach!

So, now that you have finished reading this Daily Focus, if you think this is the most insightful and amazing article you have ever read.. “I did that!” And if you think this is the biggest bunch of baloney you ever heard… “I did that!”

Enjoy, Rick

Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-Free Coaching, and is the author of Extreme Thought Makeover™… 37 Days to Maximum Life! He speaks throughout the U.S. and has a following in more than 50 countries. To learn more or to work with Dr. Rick directly, call 414-573-8880 or go to