What Wellness Means to Me

Wellness: A word chock full of interpretation.
Physical wellness. Emotional wellness .Spiritual wellness.Mental wellness.Wellness in relationships, on the job, in the family.Financial wellness.Being aware.Being healthy.Being your best.Being energetic.Being smart.Being mindful.Being balanced. Getting enough sleep. Getting enough exercise. Getting enough down time.Getting enough social time.Drinking enough water.Watching calories.Maintaining a “normal” body weight.Meditating.Going to Yoga.Getting a massage.Eating organic.Flossing twice a day.Standing up straight.Breathing through the diaphragm.Avoiding caffeine. Surrounding yourself with positive people…when does it end?

My idea of wellness continues to evolve each moment. I’ve done all of the above, and more, and it’s all worked. But it can be exhausting and anxiety-producing to try and “keep up with it all.” If there’s one thing I have learned about wellness, it’s that our needs change on a constant basis. What worked yesterday might not work today. What we NEEDED last week might not be what we need this week. What looks good in theory doesn’t always flow easily in real life. Continuing to pay attention to my body is number one. Everyone’s inner voice tells them what they need, if they will just listen. From there, we can seek the most fitting modality of healing, whether it be a book, an afternoon at the spa, a session with a therapist or a trip to the acupuncturist.

As someone who struggles with mental disorders, I know what it’s like to “appear” one way and feel another. Over the years, I’ve realized that the more I take a look at myself, listen, ask questions and reach out for help, and the more I am open to possibility and opportunity, the more “well” I feel. It is in those moments, when I treat my body as its own individual, that I am reminded that I not only CAN be well, but I DESERVE to be well. That I’m NOT perfect, and I can forgive myself, over and over again. And when I really own that, everything that I need to be and STAY well, becomes clearer.

Laughing is the best medicine. Love is the greatest form of healing.

Be well.