Turn Worry Into Ease: A Simple Technique

Why worry, just imagine it will all work out perfectly.
Worry is clearly a future tense idea. We don’t worry about how we are going to pay the rent last month, or if our teenage daughter will return home safely yesterday.
We worry about things in the future. We worry about whether we will get cancer, or if our boss will be on our case again today, or if our dog will wander into a busy street, or if a conversation with a family member will be stressful. There is clearly no way we can accurately predict the future with certainty, so clearly much of our worrying is actually unlikely to materialize. Many time things go smoother that we imagine.
Most of us know the vast majority of worrying is actually wasted negative energy. So let’s all simply stop doing it! Not so easy, you say? Well, here’s a fun exercise that can really help.
Pick out something you are worried about and write it down. Now write a short story about that issue with everything turning out exactly to your liking. Let me give an example. Let’s say you are worried about not being able to pay the rent next month. Write down “when the rent comes due, there will be enough money in my checkbook to pay it.” Or, “just enough money will easily appear exactly when I need it to pay the rent, just like last month, and the month before that.”
Simply tell a story to yourself that is soothing. You basically have to make up any story you tell about the future, so why not imagine something pleasing. Tell the story with the outcome exactly to your preference. It has been shown that those with the best attitudes get better outcomes. So if you can imagine it positively, it is more likely to wind up actually happening positively.
You might not want to choose the number one biggest thing you struggle with for this exercise. Perhaps start smaller with something that feels more easily within reach, and practice. As you get better and better, you will be able to successfully tackle the bigger issues in your life.
When you first do this, it might not feel very convincing, but keep doing it. Write the story at least once a day. Practice, practice, practice. You will get good at bringing ease to the small worries in your life.
In time you will become a master at bringing hopefulness to any worry you have.
Enjoy, Rick

Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-Free Coaching, and is the author of Extreme Thought Makeover™… 37 Days to Maximum Life! He speaks throughout the U.S. and has a following in more than 50 countries. To learn more or to work with Dr. Rick directly, call 414-573-8880 or go to http://www.rickschaefermd.com