This Placebo Is Making Me Sick!

A placebo is a sugar pill that is given to someone under the pretense that it is actually a pharmaceutical drug with a known effect on the body. Traditionally, studies have shown that on average 11% of people receive the same benefit from the placebo as from the drug itself. Most physicians believe the percent to be much higher, up to 30% in some instances.

This is a powerful testament to the mind’s effect on health and disease.

Here’s an even more fascinating fact. People getting a placebo can also create real side effects from the drug they believe they are taking.

You know what that means? That means that you could be taking a real medication and simply create the side effect from that medication. Real drug: real effect. Fake drug: real effect. Real drug: real side effect. Real drug: fake side effect. Wow, it mind-boggling!

Wouldn’t it be easier to avoid the drug altogether and simply focus on the mind component? That’s where I would choose to put my attention. Real body: real health. That sounds good. Healthy mind: healthy body. Even better.

Your thoughts are the ultimate controlling factor in your health. Use that knowledge in every way to help you find perfect health.

Enjoy, Rick

Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-Free Coaching, and is the author of Extreme Thought Makeover™… 37 Days to Maximum Life! He speaks throughout the U.S. and has a following in more than 50 countries. To learn more or to work with Dr. Rick directly, call 414-573-8880 or go to