Spring Cleaning Is an Inside Job

April Coaching Corner:Spring Cleaning Is an Inside Job
By Jodie Niles, Life Empowerment Coach at Journeys with Jodie

Spring cleaning. It isn’t just for the home. We have lots of clutter that builds up in our minds, our bodies and our spirits. Time goes by so quickly, and we are changing so fast. We evolve a great deal just in one day; we get busy, and we lose track.
This time of year, it’s easy to feel compelled to freshen up. We are moving out of winter hibernation and that which lay dormant in us for months is now ready to reawaken, energized for a fresh new beginning. Even nature, with its cleansing rainfalls, warmer temps and lush greenery is calling us to stand up, shake ourselves off and head outside for new possibilities. The longer, lighter days beckon with potential and frivolity. Excitement and anticipation lay on the horizon as we prepare for the busyness of summer. It’s a transitional and transformational time, and we are ready for a new season of our lives to begin.

I encourage you to take this time and clear out the old energies that no longer serve you. What may have provided an extra layer of protection during the winter is no longer necessary. What was hidden in darkness has now surfaced and is ready to be illuminated. Honor that, go with it and embrace the newness of it. The cleansing of our bodies and souls is a natural process, and the more attention and awareness we give it, the more we can enjoy it. Even a daily shower is a cleansing ritual, and as we wash ourselves clean of yesterday’s “stuff,” we feel lighter, rejuvenated and ready for opportunity. It’s often hard for us to part with things, even the intangible things, but once we do, we know that we feel better. Think of it like a rummage sale: you no longer need those items, but someone else may benefit greatly from them and enjoy them in a whole new way. If we can thank and bless whatever it is we are letting go of, knowing it has served its purpose, we can lovingly send it on its way.

Don’t we enjoy the scent of a fresh rain? The smell of blossoming flowers? Let’s view ourselves in the same way. We, too, are blooming into a new phase of our lives as we let go, shed our skin and open up to possibility. Don’t’ fight it. Don’t hide it. Marvel in it! You may want to discard old items that are taking up space, call an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while, or step back from a relationship that is bogging you down. Perhaps you are ready to commit to going green, volunteering for that cause you have been talking about or going on a vegetarian diet. Going through our closets and cleaning our homes is much like going through our minds and detoxing our bodies. The less we think about it and the more we trust our intuition, the happier we will feel and the more we will accomplish. Plus, you never know what you may find buried under that pile or hidden under all that dust! So, go out and revel in the magic!

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