Learn to Live the Life you Love

Greetings Beloved Friend in the Journey of Life:),

Without a doubt, this is a time of great change in the world, and there is certainly more to come.

In the midst of it all, we are reminded that we create our own worlds, and we therefore have the ability to experience whatever we choose in our lives, regardless of what is taking place on the outside.   Peace, joy, love, light & happiness... these and so very much more are ALWAYS available to us IF... we remember how to do this... and take the time to fit it into our busy schedules:)!!!

So... this Tuesday night, March 15th, is the night of just such an opportunity, namely our monthly Boot Camp.  What is a Boot Camp? 

Our Boot Camps are an opportunity to take a single evening each month from our busy schedules to focus on and create that which we choose to experience in our lives.

They run from 6:30-9:00 pm, cost a mere $20 (with a possible snack or treat to share), and they can be life changing to those who attend.  It can be a bit of a drive for some (10 minutes south of Oconomowoc), yet we're on a beautiful lake surrounded by the beautiful Kettle Moraine... a place of incredible peace, beauty, joy and stillness... and an incredible place of creation too:)...

So... if there is even a single aspect of your world you would like to be experiencing differently, we look forward to you joining us Tuesday night.  Yes, it may take a bit of an effort for you to make it, yet you deserve to be living the exact life you desire... and what better time to start than now:)!!!

Feel free to e-mail or call with questions, and blessings and joy and love and light to you this precious and beautiful day:)!!!

Erik Swenson

This event raises awareness for Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group providing education & resources on holistic health. Please help us spread the word by sharing this info with your social network using the links below.