Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

I'll be honest with you. Not until three years ago did I truly realize how important what I put into my body is. It all started with me getting a scary diagnosis from a doctor that I knew in my heart could be changed by revamping my diet. I saw a nutritionist, did some major cleansing, changed my diet, and a year later my blood results proved that eating well really does work. Having two children at the time, and wanting a third child badly, I knew how important this was. We always exercised, but changing what we put into our fridge and cupboards needed help. I educated myself on what ingredients to buy, what not to buy, and where to shop to get these products. We buy as much organic as possible.

We are so thankful that we started this lifestyle when our children were small, and they will grow up knowing how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Yes, they are kids, but the two older ones actually already know what is good and bad for you. And with the help of Vemma our kids rarely get sick compared to the other kids in the neighborhood. Sure, they'll get a cough, but nothing that ever puts them down and out.

What else do we do to stay healthy? We work out three times a week, three kids in tow, even if it means not wanting to head to the gym with a baby that is hard to put in a rear facing car seat with a bulky jacket, and it's nasty outside. We try to mix it up when the weather gets nicer, walking/running around our neighborhood. We make it priority. The kids love going to the Kids Club at the gym. Our kids... they are outside all the time! I told them how much I admire them, they will easily play outside many days.. all day.. even in the winter!

We hope, with us as parents eating well, exercising, just leading a healthy lifestyle, that our children will grow up with a strong sense of the same. Are we perfect? No way, but we strive to stay on the right track.

Paul and Susan



paul said…
Having proper nutrition is always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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