Breath Workshop


We know how to breathe. It is something that occurs to us automatically, spontaneously, naturally. We are breathing even when we are not aware of it. Yet, one's breathing becomes modified and restricted in various ways, not just momentarily, but habitually.
So do you want to…..
Improve the quality of your blood?
Improve your nervous system?
Rejuvenate your skin?
Relax your mind and body?
Reduce the work load for your heart?
Then come and join us to learn about the importance of proper breathing it will be educational, fun and best of all….Easy!
April 20th 2011
$25.00 per person
Presented by Julie T. Piek-RMT of Rei Essence LLC
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This event raises awareness for Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group providing education & resources on holistic health. Please help us spread the word by sharing this info with your social network using the links below.