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Back to Basics...Vitamins A and B

Doesn’t it seem like mangosteen, Vitamin D and green tea are the media darlings of healthy living? Most people have heard plenty about these ingredients and their powerful health-promoting effects. But let’s not forget their less flashy, yet still very important, sister ingredients that quietly provide essential nutrition. Let’s learn a little about vitamins A and B.
Just as learning starts with the ABCs, so does nutrition. Vitamins are vital to functions our bodies carry out each and every day. For example, Vitamin A famously supports healthy eyes … but did you know it also plays a huge role in maintaining healthy skin, the growth and development of babies, and supporting critical immune system processes?*
Meanwhile, Vitamin B serves the body by supporting energy production, but that’s not all.* Folic acid, a B vitamin, may reduce the risk of fetal spinal cord defects, and along with vitamin B12 and iron is thought to play a key role in the production of red blood cells.* And speaking of B12, did you know that it protects the outer covering of our nerve fibers?*
We’ll take a closer look at Vitamins C and E in our next blog!
Susan Collar