Are You Still Wondering Where Your Valentine Is?

Are you still looking at the left over
boxes of heart chocolates
on the counters in the store, and
wondering where your Valentine is?

Imagine finally having the right tools in
place to call in your divine lover, so that
by next Valentines Day, you’ve found
your soulmate and are living love,
full out and expressed, EVERY DAY!
…YES!! It can happen to YOU!!

On March 8th, Liesel Rigsbsy, the
energetic matchmaker, is hosting a
FREE CALL, Juiciness 101: Secrets for
Calling In Your Soulmate.

Even if you have read all the books,
joined all the groups and listened to
all the tapes on LOVE, you won’t want to
miss this share.

Yes, I know that there has been A LOT of talk around
different soulmate and “finding the one” programs
out there lately, but this one really is completely
unique and designed for the spiritual woman
READY to call in her true and lasting partner,
for good!!

Combining her intuitive energetic and healing
processes with 15 years of bad relationships,
Liesel developed her signature process to calling
in the one, which she used to attract her own soulmate,
Craig, for 7 years!

Now it’s become her passion to share with you
these steps so that you too can experience the
love we all dream of.

On this FREE 75 minute teleclass, Liesel will unveil:
- the juicy secret exercise that will magnetize your partner to you.
- the hidden reason why you may not have found your soulmate yet - you'll be amazed how easy it is to let this one go!
- a profound meditation you can use any time to instantly raise your vibration (we all know like attracts like).
- and how to activate your radiance in 30 seconds or less

And you'll have the opportunity to have your questions answered live.

Even if you can’t make the call, Liesel will
be sharing the replay with everyone afterwards
so make sure to register now.

Are you ready to put down the stale chocolate
and finally call in the love you are truly craving??

Looking forward to seeing whom YOU CALL IN!

Cheers (And Happy Valentine’s Day) to Your New Love!!
Tally Hayden
“A Connector of Well Being Resources”

Born and raised in Alaska, Tally Hayden is the owner of Hayden House of Healing. She spent 25 years in the corporate world of sales and marketing. Her authentic self is to shift the world in awareness of personal growth and connect you to a higher consciousness of well be-ing resources. Tally will inspire you with education on how to honor your body and nourish your emotions and teach you that nature and earth feeds your temple. You can reach her at 414.793.4168 or visit her website at