When you are “satisfied” with what you have, you might as well be dead.

We hear a lot of messages that we should be less materialistic and just be satisfied with what we have. Well that simply is not our human nature. Every part of us… psychologically, physically, emotionally, spiritually… desires expansion and growth.

If we finally achieve doing ten pull-ups, we set our sight on twelve. If we finally get our own apartment, we start thinking about owning a home. If we graduate from college, we consider a master’s degree. If we have one best friend, we think about having three great friends. If we buy a new Ford, we soon start looking at BMW’s. When we get the new BMW, we start looking at Maseratis. If we start a successful business, we start having ideas for a second business. When we perfect that cake recipe, we instantly start looking at a new baking idea. When we create a masterpiece in song, in granite, or on canvas, we almost instantly start dreaming of the next creation.

This is human nature. It is not based on materialism and is not based on satisfaction. It is based on a continuing desire to learn and grow, to expand our thinking and gain more wisdom, to experience MORE in life. We are not put on this planet to be satisfied. We are put here to add to the planet, to the Universe, and to humanity. We do this by always striving for more. Thinking, creating, imagining, and allowing inspired thoughts to flow through us and to others. We do this by taking action on our inspired thoughts.

Perhaps you could replace the word satisfied with appreciation. It is really ideal to appreciate everything you have, to accept exactly where you are right now and enjoy every minute of it, and yet always keep the door open for more. When you no longer desire more, you have lost your will to live. Desire is what keeps the life force flowing through you.

When someone tells you “you should be satisfied with what you have,” tell them “I am completely accepting of what I have and where I am, and I appreciate every bit of it, but I will never stop striving to have more, to do more, and to be more!”

Enjoy, Rick

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day

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