VEMMA - Our Mission

Greetings to all involved with Feronia Wellness!! We couldn't be happier to be part of this family that focuses on health and wellness.

Our involvement with VEMMA (pronounced VEE-mah) (acronym for Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen, Aloe) began during July 2007 when my wife, Susan came home with a bottle of VEMMA. She was having issues with inflammation, tiredness, etc. and diagnosed with mild Lupus. The doctor wanted to put her on a nasty drug called prednisone with lots of side effects. She said "no way" to that idea and fortunately for her she came across VEMMA. Within days of being on VEMMA (taking 2 ounces per day) she felt so much better. I am a meteorologist and Susan is a Spanish teacher, but her personal success story gave us a kick start to spread the word, or to SHARE VEMMA, not SELL it, but to SHARE it with, friends. We looked at the ingredients and saw all of the research that was out there with this physician formulated/clinically tested formula, so we knew that we had something truly unique in the marketplace. I began taking VEMMA not long after Susan started and use it for my daily dose of health and wellness. So, Susan's success with this has driven us to where we are today. We have set up stands at farmers markets and even had a display at a few Milwaukee Admirals games...all in the spirit of sharing VEMMA and Verve.

Speaking of Verve...when Verve was introduced, I was real excited because I think for a lot of people they can relate more to an energy drink than to a nutritional supplement. Maybe that's just me, but I saw Verve as a great opportunity to share this healthy formula to the energy drink gurus out there and to let them know, 'hey, here is a healthy option'.

The excitement of VEMMA Next couldn't be higher. When the neighbor kids are always getting sick and ours are healthy, there is a reason. This is a wonderful way to get all the benefits of fruits and vegetables that kids don't like to choke down.

Having 3 kids, plus having full time jobs, quality time to spend with VEMMA is at a premium, but when we have the chance we are thoroughly enjoying this ride and are pleased to be part of this outstanding mission where the focus is squarely on health and wellness and we're proud to do our part to share the goodness of VEMMA with others.

I hope to add more to the blogosphere on all aspects of VEMMA. If you wish to see more information on VEMMA, please check out our website at

Bye for now!

Paul and Susan Collar


feroniaretreat said…
Welcome to Feronia Wellness Organization! We are thrilled to have you on board sharing your personal commitment to health & wellness through VEMMA. The display that you have set up at Feronia Wellness Center in Germantown looks great & will be a wonderful educational tool for anyone interested in learning more. Thank you for joining us & we look forward to helping you expand your network, so you can share your mission with the world.