Turn Your Mailbox Into a Vortex for Money to Flow to You

You can just as easily imagine a check as a bill in your mailbox.
When you go to the mailbox to get the day’s mail, are you excited about all the checks that may be in it or do you dread all the bills that may be in it? If you are a person that dreads getting the mail because it just brings more bills every day, this message is for you.
Did you know that many mailpersons put your pile of mail in a certain order? Really, they do! They put the bills and junk mail on the bottom, and place the personal letters and checks on the top. Cool, eh? Apparently they want you to enjoy getting the mail each day, and seeing a check or a personal letter is most likely going to insure that.
Now that you know that, perhaps you can start appreciating it. While you are at it, each day when you go to the mailbox, envision good things instead of bad things, checks instead of bills, greeting cards instead of junk mail. Some people can really effectively do this simply by thinking it, but I can offer you a few action steps to easily help create the feeling as well.
Here’s a few ways to make the feeling of getting the mail even better. Pay your bills online with paperless billing and let all your income come by mail. That way you will be easily able to visualize money coming in the mailbox instead of bills that need to be paid. Each day the mailbox will become more and more of a vortex through which money flows to you. The longer you do it and the stronger you feel it, the more likely unexpected checks will show up… unexpected refunds from purchases or insurance payments long ago, gifts from relatives, inheritances, even checks from companies wanting you to simply take a survey.
Another idea is to pay each of your bills a month ahead. That way when the bill arrives and you open it, it says “Do not pay” or “credit.” It can give you the feeling that the gas company, the electric company, or the cable company are all giving you their service for free. It’s a cool feeling. If money is a bit tight, then just pay the very smallest bills a month ahead. It can really work wonders on your budget over time.
Third, send out more cards of appreciation to people. You know it is said that what you send out is what you get back, so over time you will start to receive more personal cards and letters in the mail. Finally, simply shift your focus. Some people don’t even need to do any of these actions
Going to the mailbox will no longer be a dreaded experience. You will get your mail with anticipation and excitement, because your mailbox will be filled with your favorite magazines, personal cards, unexpected checks, and even bills that say “please do not pay!”
Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-
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