There Is No Cure for Chronic Pain

There is no cure for chronic pain… until you find a new label for it.
What’s in a name? Here’s the definition of CHRONIC: a persistent and lasting disease or medical condition. Okay, so think about that. If you go to a medical clinic to be treated for chronic pain, you are admitting that it is persistent and lasting. How can any treatment work to abolish that pain. The only treatment you will receive is treatment that will control the pain to some degree but will preserve its persistent nature.
There are departments within hospitals dedicated to treating chronic pain. There are freestanding clinics devoted to chronic pain. None of these are called “pain-curing clinics,” they are all “pain treatment clinics.” Would you prefer to have your pain treated or cured?
A cynic would say that the idea of having lots of patients with chronic pain needing persistent and lasting treatments would be a great business model for a successful medical clinic. That cynic would say that hospitals are in the business of disease, and that doctors are disease care professionals, not health care professionals.
All I know is this: if you or anyone you know wants to completely cure their chronic pain, they better start by changing the label they put on it. How about temporary pain, subsiding pain, its-been-here-for-awhile-but-is-on-its-way-out pain, or soon-to-be-gone pain? Hey, it’s a start. Now how about finding a Pain Curing Clinic to go to?
What’s in a name? A lot. Simply by saying the word chronic you are reaffirming the disease’s persistent and lasting nature. Don’t fall into that trap. Break free of the habit, find a new thought around the pain, and break free of the pain.
If you have any other great “names” you would like to assign to
“chronic pain,” or any other “chronic illness,” please share them in the comment section below.
Thanks, and now I need to go and have some breakfast, and cure my “soon-to-be-subsiding” hunger!
Enjoy, Rick
Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-
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