Four Keys to Life Long Health - Part 3

In part two of this series I talked about the third key to life long health, Healthy Emotions. See the posting from Feb 16th and part one from Feb 9th .

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connection is the sense and inner knowing that you are connected to a higher energy or higher power. It is a knowing that that higher energy is unconditionally loving and is always there to support you. Some people call this Spirit, Higher self, the Universe, and many people call it God. But you don’t’ have to believe in the traditional idea of God to have a spiritual connect. You can have this connection through nature and animals and high level relationships with people.

Many people are drawn to nature. The Native American culture is the best example of this. All of nature: plants, animals, humans, seasons, directions on the earth, water, sun, sky, and more, all have meaning in their spiritual teachings. The teachings of the Medicine Wheel are represented in the directions of East, South, West, North, Mother Earth and Father Sky. Each represent characteristics of a phase of life or a method of healing.

There are many ways to create a spiritual connection. It is creating a spiritual practice such as prayer, meditation, religious services, music, contemplation, inspired reading, retreats, seminars, volunteering, walking in nature-a walking meditation, just to name a few. It should up lift you, ground you, bring you peace and joy. And if you do it regularly, it will feed you, feed your soul.

How does spiritual connection create health? We are spiritual beings in a physical body. When we connect to our spirit it opens our hearts. It will give us feelings of peace and joy. These feelings will balance the energy fields that surround our bodies. Our cells respond in a healthy way or a not healthy way to our thoughts and energy. Positive thoughts, feelings, energy will have a positive, life promoting effect on our cells. Negative thoughts, feelings and energy will have a negative, dying and disease effect on our cells.

I have found spiritual practice to be very powerful and supportive in all areas of my life.


I have now covered the 4 Keys to Life Long Health: Nutrition, Exercise, Healthy Emotions, and Spiritual Connection. My wish for you is that you can use this information in a way that will create the health and joy you are looking for.

Sending you the energy of health and happiness,


Paula Berg is a certified nutrition counselor and has been studing health and wellness her whole life. She is also a distributor of Shaklee products, and a Reconnective Healing practitioner. Paula can be contacted at
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