How Do I Decide Whether To Do It or Not?

The best way to decide whether to do something or not is to sample it.
When we are not sure what we desire to eat for our next meal, a cafeteria or buffet at the grocery store works perfectly to help us. We can walk through and take a little of this and a little of that to see which choice will match our taste buds the best in this exact moment in time.
It is also very common when choosing a wine in a restaurant. We are allowed to sample a taste as we are choosing. Once we get that taste, it is the easiest decision in the world. We now have conscious contact with the experience. Our taste buds in this exact moment know just what that wine is going to be like.
As you go through life, go out and sample as many things as possible. Get an idea or inspiration, and go do something with it. Do a little of this and a little of that, and allow yourself to experience things and identify what truly feels the best to you. Find your true inner passion by allowing yourself to experiment with many things along the way.
Trust that you are an evolving being. You may have made a decision not to do something in the past. That does not mean it will not be the perfect fit right now. Trust your intuition and your whims. If you get a prompting, follow it. Try it. Don’t worry if it is not perfect for you right now. Simply enjoy the journey of experimenting with it. It doesn’t matter what others think as you are jumping from one idea to the next, because you are finding out what your true inner passion is. You are sampling life! You will find your life’s purpose bit by bit as you sample the buffet of life.
Blow an oboe. Shoot a basket. Book a cruise. Hit a golf ball. Buy a book simply because you like the cover. Throw a dart. Start writing your novel. Take a piano lesson. Try speed walking. Volunteer for a service club. Join a bowling league. Call an old friend. Start a garden. Go horseback riding. Collect a few baseball cards. Look at the job boards. Book a snorkeling vacation. Try Frisbee golf. Get a sketch pad and some chalk. Start a new part-time business. Say “yes” to every crazy idea your friends and your children have. Do something. Better yet do a little of everything. Be open. Immerse yourself in conscious contact with all the world around you. Learn and read and join and volunteer and attend and experiment and simply do and do and do!
Oh, and sample a few fine wines along the way… you will have a wonderfully joyous and fulfilling life.
Enjoy, Rick
Rick Schaefer, M.D. is known as the Happiness Coach. He is the creator of Guilt-
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