The Four Keys to Life Long Health – Part 1

What does it take to stay healthy all of your life? Do you even have control over staying healthy? If you look at your parents, won’t you just be like them when you are old? It is my belief that you can stay healthy all of your life. I believe that you CAN have control over your health and that you don’t have to have the same health issues that your parents have.

I suppose that may sound radical to some of you. And if you are struggling with a health issue, please don’t spend any energy blaming yourself. Just know that you can move forward and improve your health and the quality of your life.

One of my favorite examples of this is a woman I know, I’ll call her Mary, who was diagnosed with MS ( Multiple Sclerosis) when she was in her 30’s. Walking was difficult for her. One day she was introduced to a man from her church, that had improved his health using protein powder and a high quality multivitamin. So she decided to try these products. After a couple weeks, she noticed that she felt better and had more energy. So now she was motivated. She read and researched everything she could on healthy nutrition. She eliminated sugar, animal fat and white flour from her diet. She seriously reduced her salt intake also. And she exercised everyday. Little by little her symptoms got better. Her progress was slow but steady. She now had a positive outlook on life. She also had wonderful loving support from her family. It took seven years, but today she is symptom free!

Mary used all four of the Keys to Life Long Health. The Keys are: Healthy Nutrition, Regular Exercise, Healthy Emotions, and Spiritual Connection. I’m sure you knew that nutrition and exercise were part of it; but you may not have known the impact healthy emotions and spiritual connection have on your health.

Healthy Nutrition

There are volumes written about healthy nutrition. So I’m not going to cover it all here. But these are some things to start with:

- Familiarize yourself with the Food Pyramid. Go to and save this to your computer or print it. There is also lots of good information on the rest of the site:

- Eat nutrient dense foods, which are fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Two of the most nutrient dense foods are blueberries and spinach. Eat a handful of blueberries everyday and have a spinach salad a couple of times a week.

- Take a high quality multivitamin. Doctors recommend this today because it is really a challenge for most people to get all of the nutrients they need from their diet. Choose a vitamin that has 100% of the daily recommended values. Look for a company that has independent research that verifies that their product is effective. And a money back guarantee would be good too. Also see product recommendations below.

Since nutrition is one of my areas of expertise, I will be writing more on nutrition topics in the future. However if you want additional resources, I recommend:

YOU: The Owner’s Manual, An Insider’s Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger, by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen

Natural Health, Natural Medicine: The Complete Guide to Wellness and Self-Care for Optimum Health, by Dr. Andrew Weil

Regular Exercise

Our bodies were designed to move. Of all the things you can do to improve your health, exercise is the biggest bang for your buck. The benefits of exercise include:

- Weight control
- Improves sleep
- Improves brain functions
- Strengthens bones
- Burns up and metabolizes the stress hormone cortisol
- Speeds up metabolism
- Improves the cardiovascular system
- Boosts the immune system
- Promotes a sense of wellbeing

When you think about it, exercise improves every area of your life.

I’ll continue with Healthy Emotions and Spiritual Connections next time.

Product Recommendations

I have been taking a multivitamin from Shaklee Corp. for the last 13 years. These products have dramatically improved my health and the health of my family. My friend Mary, who I mentioned above also uses these products.

For more information about why Shaklee products are different visit: Then click on Always Safe, Always Works, and Always Green

For information on Shaklee’s multivitamin call Vita-Lea visit: This product comes with or without iron, and a children’s formula is also available.

Sending you the energy of health and happiness,


Paula Berg is a certified nutrition counselor and has been studing health and wellness her whole life. She is also a distributor of Shaklee products, and a Reconnective Healing practitioner. Paula can be contacted at

Websites:; TheReconnection


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Just to add value, regarding regular exercise. Make it sure that you need to have a good routine that allows muscle regenaration or healing. Because after performing an exercise our muscles may experience trauma or stress..

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