21 Days to Love with Sunni Boehme @ FWC

Wouldn't we all like to have a wonderful warm and compatible lover and friend to hang out with this winter and maybe for the rest of our lives?

How could your life be better with a partner?

Do you want a buddy to participate in sports, and walking in the woods with?

Or are you the woman who wants romance and sweetness and elegant dinners?

There is a different desire for each type of woman and in this class you will clearly see what works for you  so that you won't have to waste anymore time trolling.
Let's all find love...and better quality.

The 21 Days to Love Classes are a self discovery process and each class has a different focus that lead to an evolution of what you want in a relationship and what you believe you deserve.

INSTRUCTOR: Sunni Boehme
FEE: $125/5 classes (meets every other week)
REGISTER: classes@feroniaretreat.com, 262.377.8885


rberman said…
Three thoughts:
1. Interesting...
2. The class is nine weeks but it only takes 21 days to meet your lover. Does the clock start after the class ends?
3. This class is for all types of women. Last time I checked I have all the wrong equipment...
4. Okay I originally started with two... I think I have a good idea of what I want and deserve. Just need to find it...
feroniaretreat said…
Isn't that 4 thoughts? hahaha