Your Body is a Wonderland

This is a channeled message from the Spirit Guides of Psychic Advisor, Deborah Lighthart of
Good morning dear ones! Today We are discussing the wonderful world of your physical being. Your body is a vehicle for your soul, carrying your spiritual lessons deep within it. Understanding your body is the key to unlocking your true potential. And believe We, you have got potential! All of your dreams, all of your aspirations & goals are meant to be acheived. You ache for them because your spirit calls you to manifest them. We assist in all the ways that We can, but it would help greatly for all to know the truth about their physical existence. We can bring you the Light and help to heal your suffering, but you must first allow that to happen. When one dis-connects from their physical being, it prevents Us from being able to share the healing energies needed to bring balance to their lives.

Everything you have ever experienced in this lifetime or any other remains within your physical being. The body has a beautiful way of holding all of our treasures as well as all of our suffering. In order to embrace your true gifts & transcend your limitations, you must love, honor & respect every aspect of it. Listen to the aches & discomforts, as they point you in the direction of your healing process. Pay attention to your cravings & hungers, as they indicate the lessons you need to embrace. When you give Us (the realm of Angels & beings of Light) permission, We can flow healing energy into you. There is no charge. We expect nothing in return. We bring our Love & our Light as that is our nature to do so. This healing energy is available to you at any time, in any place, but you must relax & allow it to flow. When you give power to stress & tension & fear, we cannot gift you with the healing you need. Your free will must be exercised to choose peace, to choose healing, to choose love. When you do, the floodgates open for Us to give you all you need.

That which exists outside of you, exists first within you. Many people want to believe that the world around them is separate from them, but it is all one. You are creating your reality to serve your own spiritual purposes. Your conscious mind may not see that, but your soul knows. Your body knows. And they work in unison to walk you through all that you need to grow & evolve. Our work is to assist that process. To help you learn to love yourself as We love you. To accept yourself as We accept you. To know that you are a thing of great beauty, an expression of the Divine. By learning to love your own body in all aspects without judgement or criticism, you will discover the key to unlocking the power of YOU.

You have been given a lovely vehicle in which to play out your spiritual awakenings. For example, if your body is carrying extra weight that you are judging as unattractive, instead of trying to chase it away, relax and learn what your body is teaching you about your own judgements. Learn what it is sharing with you about your own life experiences. Perhaps in this lifetime, you are developing your ability to look at other’s without judgement, so your body will tend to remain heavier until you finally face your true lessons. When you accept that we are all beautiful, regardless of societal standards, you will find your way to a balanced body more quickly. Perhaps you have experienced a hurt in close personal relationships and have developed a fear of emotional & physical intimacy, your body may carry extra weight to act as a tool for keeping away future hurts. In order to heal, you would need to love your body for creating your safety net all these years, and then set a new pattern of facing your fears and allowing your body to experience close personal relationships in a new way.

Your body’s signals may sometimes be confusing, especially if you have not listened to them before. Self-awareness is the tool to decode those messages. If you get mixed signals, be patient. Your body may take a little while to learn to relax and flow into the Light. Know that We are with you. Know that you are loved & supported by the Universe. There is a force of Light that flows through each & every being in this creation. That force of Light brings you the healing you need on every level. When your body is suffering, lay your hands on the pained area and give Us permission to bring the Light into your being. It will begin to transform you and help to re-pattern those cells that still carry the wounds of the past. Do not give up! One cannot expect lifetimes of pain to be released in an instant. Your healing is a process of change that will continue until you leave this world. Be patient and love yourself, even with your limitations, as you are a beautiful being that is growing & evolving as quickly as you can. Any current state of blockage is only temporary. Like the tiny stream of water that eventually cuts through even the hardest mountain rock, We will continue to stream Love & Light into you and your body until your blocks break free. That is Our gift to you in this world. That is Our calling, Our destiny, Our truth.

Blessings of Love to all!
Asa, “The Great Healer”
Spirit Guide of Deborah Lighthart