Transformations & Shifts

My facebook status a few days ago talked about the changes in the earth & how we need to take good care of our physical bodies to align them with our higher power. Several people asked if I could provide some more information about it. I can’t speak for other intuitives & their perceptions of the changes in our world, since I have not researched the information that is out there at all. I know others are picking up on similar concepts, so I am sure you could google it and find an infinite amount of info. I can only share my own.

Honestly, I have written very little about my intuitive impressions and have only shared them with a select few clients, since I worry that people will think I’ve gone of the metaphysical deep end. That fear is being pushed aside today for a greater good. If what I pick up from my spirit guides can be of help to anyone else on their path to enlightenment, then more power to us all.

My main Spirit Guide’s name is Asa. That is the guide who shares information with me during readings, as well as during my own meditations & prayers. “Asa” means something like “Great Healer”. A client friend of mine researched it for me years ago when I first channeled the name, but I can’t recall the exact wording. I have other guides as well, but I don’t keep track of the names, since they are not that important to me. Asa explains things to me to help me understand the workings of the world, of fellow human beings and of my own psyche. The changes in the earth & our planet are one of the things that are shared.

Being sensitive, about 10 years ago, I began to feel that the earth was shifting it’s vibrations. It felt like a cleansing or a detox. People would experience drama on all kinds of levels. Some emotional, some physical, some mental, spiritual or circumstantial. People would be living peacefully and then suddenly things would start to get tense in their lives. They would experience fear, rage, devastation, loss, setbacks and more, forcing them to let go of their ego-based thinking and reactions. It was like whatever burdens they were carrying on a soul level were being brought into the world to be washed away, allowing their spirits to walk a little lighter.

The shifts would happen like every 6 months or so, when I first noticed them. They are much closer together now. I liken it to contractions during the birthing process. As you get closer to birth, the contractions get stronger & closer together. We are certainly feeling that from Mother Earth right now. The times of stress & tension are getting stronger & closer together as we prepare for enlightenment on our planet. Some souls are already living in an enlightened state, some are living in a dark & challenging struggle, and most of us on the path of personal growth are bouncing back & forth.

The way the earth shifts affect us varies according to the lessons we have come here to learn. If you need to learn to compassion & unconditional love, you will be presented with situations to test your skills in that area. If you need to develop your strength & spiritual stamina, you will be tested there. Whatever darkness or unenlightened spaces that exists in your soul, from this lifetime or any other, will be brought into the Light until they are released from your consciousness and you are able to experience Heaven on Earth. It is my understanding & belief that we are all evolving to the highest version of ourselves that we can become, sharing the Light with each other during the dark & challenging times. The vibrational changes in the earth allow us to look at our weaknesses and transcend them. Basicly, to learn what we came here to learn, to make peace with those around us and with ourselves. Experiencing Heaven on Earth is not about having every wish come true as we make it, though I would personally really dig having my own Aladdin’s lamp, the reality is that it is much more about living in an enlightened state and making peace with the life that is ours. Whatever our life is meant to be, to make the most of it and make peace with the pieces that are not quite where we want them to be.

How do we do this? How do we end whatever suffering is going on in our lives? Surrender, acceptance, love, forgiveness & trust. These are the most powerful healing tools we have. Surrendering to the situations that cannot be changed, accepting the lesson deep into your soul, loving & forgiving the players in your game and trusting that God is helping you work toward your best outcome. Everything that happens in your life is to help you grow. Actually you have designed all these lessons for yourself, to help you spread your own angel wings as big as they can get. The Light that flows through every living thing is at work and will eventually wash away whatever needs to be cleared and you will find your peace.

Judgement, hatred, hositility are the anti-healer. They take you away from your enlightenment. Judging yourself, others or the world, will hold you in your own personal hell. It is very important not to hold negative emotions or thoughts, as they will only prevent your from blossoming in the ways that you need to and will eventually cycle the same darned lesson right back into your lap.

During the times of shifting & transitioning, it is important to take good care of yourself. Meditate if you can. Pray. Do yoga. Be with Mother Nature. Eat light nourishing foods. Drink enough water to stay hydrated & clear. Avoid drugs, alcohol, caffeine & tobacco. Think as positively as you can. We all have negative thoughts & feelings, just let them pass through your system and release, replacing them with healthier ones.

Just like a mother in labor, the earth is working toward rebirthing all of her inhabitants, but mostly humans since we are the ones that fall furthest from our natural state. The “contractions” you experience in your life will help you to rebirth yourself, to evolve and become the person you were born to be. Health & happiness are your birthright. Claim them with all your might. Give no power to anything that tells you otherwise.

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Joan said…
Love the comment, "Judgement, hatred, hositility are the anti-healer." A good adage to remember....thank you for being you Deborah!

Thank you so much for you words of support and thank YOU for being YOU. <3