Spring- Our internal blossoming opportunity!

March is a prime month of transition, as we literally begin moving out of the darkness and into more light. Nature calls this transition Spring. What many do not realize is that as nature leads us back into the light, we are being called to begin this transformation internally as well. Emotionally speaking, this can lead us to have to confront the darkness within ourselves. This darkness does not represent anything “wrong with us.” The darkness can mean letting go of what we no longer need or learning to accept parts of ourselves that we do not honor in order to fully shine.

As a society, we understand on some level the need of letting go as we feel more motivated to spring clean and/or shed those few pounds accumulated over the winter. Nature may also help us clean out our systems, as many people get struck with the flu or illness during this time. What few people understand is that when we are going through internal struggles at this time, it is ultimately in order that we live our lives more fully and with greater ease.

Without all of our wonderful feelings, we would stay in places that are not ultimately what is best for us. Emotions that are often characterized as “negative” are what can be an amazing gift that allows us to own greater freedom and power when these feelings are accurately understood. They are also available to create greater intimacy and love. We will find it so crazy that we ever judge or not allow these precious gifts of our feelings to come through us once we understand how our emotions are intended to support us to live better than we thought was possible.

What I love about this transition time is that it is a time when the light is shed on our fears. We fear making ourselves vulnerable and losing control by opening ourselves to our truth. But the gift is learning to love ourselves when we are vulnerable.

It is easy to love ourselves when we are motivated, passionate, loving and giving. What about still loving ourselves when we are upset, not composed, feeling inadequate or when we are wrong? Do we still see how amazing we are then? If not, take the opportunity of Spring to get it. Get how amazing we each are even in our most vulnerable and desperate states. (To see how you are doing, take my quiz at www.MichelleBersell.com).

If we cannot madly love ourselves, we cannot passionately put that love out into the world as we are intended. Not only will you personally lose, as you will have missed the point of your existence, but the whole world loses too. The world misses the input of the loving energy that you have to put into it. It only requires you to choose to take the steps to learn to love yourself completely.

Try viewing yourself as a beautiful flower. No matter what we do or don’t do, we will always be these amazing beautiful flowers. However, we need to decide if we will stay closed up, keeping close to us our petals in order to retain a sense of security from being vulnerable. We can also choose to let a petal open up one at a time in order for people to be able to enjoy our full beauty and fragrance we bring to the world.

Happy Blooming!


Michelle Bersell is a psychotherapist, professional life coach, speaker and author having earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology as well as a Masters in Education. Michelle’s advice has been featured on national cable television and radio programs, Woman’s World Magazine, and regular appearances on Fox 6 Milwaukee. She also leads retreats and workshops while maintaining a busy private practice. Thousands read Michelle’s “Mentality Gal” column in Citigal Magazine. Michelle resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin along with her husband and three children. 414.736.5428 www.MichelleBersell.com