Skin Health - What Dangers Lurk in Your Skin Care Products

woman caring for her skin Our skin is a unique & remarkable organ.  The largest organ in our bodies and it is one of the most important immune defense barriers to your overall health.  Did you know that an adult’s skin compromises between 15 and 20 percent of the total body weight?  Most of us take our skin care for granted, that is until it bothers us. 
Chances are you probably routinely put lotions and creams on your skin to soften, to smooth, to protect it, as well as to combat the signs of aging.   Have you ever considered that what you put on your body may just be as important as what you put in your body?  It is important to remember that nearly everything that we smear onto our skin also goes into our skin.  Up to 60% of any substance is absorbed. 
So the question then becomes, what is on your skin?
Over the last decade science has begun to reveal the shocking truth about how personal care products, even natural or organic skin care products, affect our heath. 
·         An amazing 87% of ingredients in personal care products have not been assessed for safety by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, the industry’s self-policing safety panel.
Up Up to 80% of the products may contain chemicals that can disrupt hormones in the body
·         Up to 45% contain an ingredient that may harm the reproductive system or a baby’s development
·         In this age where millions of dollars are poured into cancer research every year in an attempt to prevent and cure cancer, an astonishing 1/3 of personal care products contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer.  2007 update is available at
At this point, you are probably wondering what horrible ingredients are in your skin care products.  Chances are you will probably find a long ingredient list, as well as long ingredient names, which may contain one or more of what are termed “The Dirty Dozen” of personal care products.  For details on each:
Using natural skin nutrition can make more of a difference than most folks realize.  It can increase overall health and well being by working at a cellular level, below the surface, not just treating the symptoms on the surface. 
Because we only receive one precious face per lifetime, shouldn’t we be able to count on the products we use?  Isn’t it time that they actually enhance, instead of compromise our skin?  Healthy, beautiful skin can only derive from a healthy start.  What you put in is pretty much what you get out!  What’s on your face?  To get a copy of your FREE report – The Stark Naked Truth about Skin Care – visit

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