Simple Grounding Technique

This article came to me from my dear friend & colleague, Ken Nelan. He & his wife have published books on reiki energy healing and they own a reiki practice in AZ where they offer classes & private reiki sessions. There were my Reiki II instructors and happen to be 2 of my most favorite people on the planet. You can find more articles & information about  their work at
Yesterday was one of those day…  Not only did I have the mega-mondo-migraine from hell, but I was so ungrounded and floating in the ether for most the day.  I needed to ground.

As strange as this is going to sound, one of the first things I begin doing is raising my head and looking normally at the world.  When we are bogged down with issues or when we begin to feel stressed or anxious, we tend to lower our heads and look down at the ground.  This is usually my signal that I become aware of my need to ground or that I am having an issue so I begin to look up and become aware of my surroundings.  That’s often enough to bring me back to the here and now, but sometimes I need much more than just a quick reminder to bring myself back to center.
Grounding Rod
One of the first grounding techniques I use is I wash my hands.  “What?  Wash your hands?” Yes, wash my hands.  Our water pipes are naturally grounded as they are usually buried deep in the ground under our streets, homes, and places of business.  I found it interesting one day long ago when we were finally getting satellite tv at our house, the installer ran a wire from the dish down to the outside faucet just below.  It was a grounding wire so that if the dish was struck by electricity it would dissipate into the ground immediately.  This isn’t a new phenomenon, yet it is something very few people remember or know, or perhaps use as a last resort.

This type of grounding is immediate and physical.  If you’ve done a bunch of other grounding techniques that didn’t work, this one will bring you back to the here and now!  It works best if you make it a sort of ritual.  Stand at the sink and spread your feet apart a few inches.  This action is a mental note more than anything else.  It’s a sort of signal to your body that you need to reconnect to the earth beneath you.  Then bend your knees slightly.  Allow yourself to feel the weight of your own body.  Reconnect to your body and become aware of it.  If you have to, bend your knees a little more, but not so much that you become uncomfortable.

Once you’ve connected your mind to your body, slowly wash your hands under luke-warm water.  Cold water tends to be shocky, but if you like cold water, it’s okay too.  Hot water is far too comforting and can actually keep you from grounding.   Use soap if you wish though it’s not necessary.  I do simply because it reduces the friction and to be honest, it’s probably a good thing to do regardless.  In your mind, connect yourself to the ground through the water.  Feel it anchor you to the ground beneath your feet.  Feel it empower you by bringing clarity much as the water itself is clear.  If you are wishing to remove certain blocks preventing you from grounding, visualize the blocks attaching to the water and being swept into the sewer to be dealt with by the scrubbing of the sewer system.  It will be cleaned out just like the muck that flows through the sewers.  Then when you are finished, slowly dry your hands.  This experience isn’t over until you feel yourself perking up and finding your mind clears.  Slowly let the towel wick up any loose strands of blockage which will get washed away when you clean the towel in the wash later.  Take a deep breath when you’ve finished, drink some water, and set off for your next adventure.

If I’m not near a sink, or if washing my hands just isn’t practical at the moment, then I might do my ten-second grounding meditation which I call “shoot the roots”.  I do this anywhere and anytime and no one is ever wise to what I’m doing.  I simply spread my feet slightly apart, but only enough to keep me balance.  I’ll bend my knees ever so slightly so I become aware of my own body.   Then, with my eyes wide open, I’ll visualize my feet turning into roots shooting deep into the ground, connecting me to the earth and everything around me.  I just allow myself to feel connected and “grounded” for a few seconds and when it feels as if the fog has left, then I’m good to go.  If the fog continues, then I may go to a drinking fountain, do my ten-second ground, then drink some cold water from the fountain.  It’s usually an instant effect as just like in the above example, water pipes are grounded, so for just that moment, I was physically connected to the ground and able to let myself reconnect!

Then there is the technique that actually requires you to go out and walk around in the grass, or if you live in the desert like I do, go stand in the dirt (just be careful there are no scorpions around) and let your toes wiggle in the grass, or in the sand.

The key with any grounding technique is really about your own personal intention.  What is it you wish to do, or what is it you need to do in order to not feel so disconnected from yourself?  Is there an issue you simply are not dealing with?  Are you avoiding something like the plague?  Just know that until you actually deal with what is going on in your life you may not be able to fully ground as you will always have that issue hovering over you throwing you off your game, or keeping you just off balance until you finally resolve the issue.
If I’m in my car and unable to connect to the ground beneath me, AND I’m all alone, I’ll roll up the windows and then scream.  The shock of the noise, combined with the physical action can be enough to help me get from point A, to point B.  Then when I’m getting out of my car, I can do my roots grounding technique to help bring me back to my center.  I always carry water around with me so immediately after I “shoot the roots” to again help me clear the fog away.

There are a great many techniques out there, many of which simply call for becoming aware of your own body and your own space before doing some sort of ritual to bring your mind back to your center.  Find something that works for you and do it, but also, deal with any outstanding issue sooner rather than later.

Peace and Light to all!