This morning my body told me to talk about Motherwort. I woke up with tightness in my chest. This is not unusual as my family has a history of heart problems. I usually don’t do anything about this until my left arm starts to bother me but today my body was talking to me. So after getting out of bed, I headed for my Motherwort tincture. After taking 15 drops of this tincture and washing it down with water, I feel much better, herbs always amaze me.
Many people have written about Motherwort as improving several aspects of coronary health by improving circulation and strengthen the muscles ability to function. It will calm palpitations and normalize heart function.
Motherwort is a member of the mint family and found growing wild in my back yard. Most people think of the mint family as little sweet tasting plants such as Peppermint or Spearmint but the family is extensive and some have a way of packing a punch.
Dr. James Duke has identified almost 50 constituents in Motherwort. Some of which have the ability to be: antitumor, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and antiarrhythmic. Combined with the rest of the properties in this herb, they have the ability to assist our bodies in marvelous ways and all these constituents are organic

Why is organic so great? Because we are organic beings so why would we put chemicals that are made from petroleum or rocks into our bodies? One of the great things about using herbs is that they contain many things making them good for handling a lot of different areas.

With nick names like “heart gold”, ” heart heal”, “heart wort” and “heart herb”, one would think that this was just a cardiac herb but Motherwort tends to handle problems in other organs. It will help the eyes, gall bladder, the nervous system and the generative organs.

In regard to the generative organs (after all it is called Motherwort) It is great at assisting with delayed menses or stopped menses and even postpartum depression. It would also be helpful for cramps and other fertility issues

Phyllis Heitkamp
Writer & Herbalist
Thiensville, WI