Mind Exercise for Success

People often short circuit themselves by focusing on weaknesses instead of developing their strengths. If you can’t work a calculator why do accounting work? Embrace your talents, and build your life around them and do what you dream of doing…not what others want you to do.

Exercise. List your talents and match them with a list of opportunities. You may think,”I’ve only ever been a good homemaker…Think of Martha Stewart and the empire she has built around home making. She focused on her talents and passions. Your talent never limits you. What hold you back is a shortsighted vision of the opportunities that your talent can bring you when you learn to use the laws of attraction and focus on your talents you will attract people who want to pay you for them. You in turn will be a valuable and happy employee because you will be doing what you LOVE.

10 Success killers borrowed from Larry Thompson a film producer/motivational speaker

1. comparing yourself with someone else
2. not facing your fears
3. leaving a job undone (procrastinating)
4. feeling sorry for yourself
5. mumbling
6. dressing inappropriately for the professional environment
7. saying you hate computers
8. not staying in touch with family
9. saying “I can’t”…because I’ve never done that before
10. having more regrets than dreams.

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Sunni Boehme
Life Coach