Listen to that Intuition!

I got this note from one of the front desk volunteers at our Mequon wellness fairs. I love the way her intuition was speaking to her and her logical mind argued with it a little, but finally gave in and how life showed her how important it was to listen. If you have an intuitve impulse story, please share it with us too!

“Hey Deborah! Last night I took a de-clutter / feng shui class through the Greenfield Park & Rec. At the end of the class the instructor was handing out her business card & I recognized it from your Wellness fairs! I asked if she knew you & her face lit up. She said, “Yes I do! I love Deborah, she is wonderful!” We chatted for a bit about the class & as I was leaving the room she yelled to please say hi to you for her. Her name is DeAnna Radaj. (of

(One of the last times I worked the fair, I was organizing the table the business cards & brochures are displayed on & I clearly remember taking her card. What’s weird about it is I remember being drawn to it repeatedly but not knowing why. There’s nothing special about the card, the colors are plain, the description of her specialty is vague (to me) & didn’t pertain to anything I needed at the time & her name meant nothing to me but I couldn’t stop grabbing it! I must’ve picked it up three or four times. I recall staring at it & wondering why. Finally, I thought what-the-heck, I’ll just throw it in my wallet & I haven’t thought about it since. There are additional classes she’s teaching that I already planned to sign up for before meeting her so as soon as I saw her card last night, that moment at the fair finally made sense!)

Thought I’d share with someone who would understand my excitement ;) Take care!”