Happy New Year, My Lovelies!

There are so many kinds of love. The intimacy of romance, a strong friendship, the arms of a child, the cuddle of a furry friend, a connection to God/Higher Power, the kindness of strangers, the awareness of your own inherent goodness and so much more. Love is expressed in a countless number of ways, but everywhere you find it, it is just as wonderful. It is the sustenance that helps us survive. It is the only nourishment we really need & the only food we really crave. It is the tie that binds, the glue that holds us together. It is the fabric that weaves our entire world together.

"Love is all we need." ~ the Beatles

May 2011 bring you Love in every form. You deserve it. Whether you love this world with your whole heart, or you struggle to share your shattered pieces. Even if you feel that you've let your loved ones down, or if you've broken someone else's heart. Even if you feel that you are not good enough, not love-able enough, in fact, especially if you feel that way. Even if you keep your heart locked up behind concrete walls because you are terrified of getting hurt or if you hoard your love for yourself, buying more, spending more, surrounding yourself with material gifts that will never make you full. No matter what your current circumstance, I wish you Love. May Love, in all it's glory & splendor, in all it's power & strength, may it rain down on you and soak into your soul. May your eyes become aware of the Love that exists all around you & may your heart soften to receive it.

Deborah Lighthart


Anonymous said…
Beautiful. Thank you. I speak for all the voiceless. Thank you for putting out all the loving vibrations!
~ Red Buffalo Woman
<3 Thank you for the same! <3